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Oct/Nov 2023 Issue Out
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There's an article on "Casper the Friendly Ghost" cards. It focuses on the 1960 Fleer set but also notes card and sticker sets connected to the 1995 movie. Another set, called "Casper Boo-gluers" (Universal City Studios/Amblin Entertainment, 1995) contains a total of two cards and eight sticker sheets. A cello-pack with one unnumbered card and one unnumbered sticker sheet was inserted in kid's meals at Pizza Hut around the time the movie came out. The card is a title card with coupons for Tyco products on the back. The card measures 4 13/16 x 5 9/16; sticker sheet is 5 x 5 3/4 inches.
Four of the sticker sheets bear two stickers and are packaged with a title card that says "Under 3 Premium for Casper Kid's Meal" on the front.

Four other sticker sheets with several smaller stickers do not have that text but have a choking hazard warning instead. Both title cards say "Collect All Four Sets."

One of the scans shows both sides of a cello-pack; the other shows just the front. These used to be $3-4 items but most sellers want more than $10 and sometimes just for a sticker sheet.

Edit: One more thing...the stickers are glow-in- the-dark. I forgot about that but then noticed it after leaving the sheets on my desk and turning out the light.

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