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Non-Sport Cards in Sports Sets
Hey everyone. I threw this topic up over at Instagram and I wanted to leave it here, as well.

What is the opinion on Non-Sport cards in sports sets? Would this be something you'd like to see included in NSU?

It wouldn't be anything extravagant. Perhaps, we could have a bonus page or half page devoted to one or two sets every issue. Or, maybe we could do some write-up and include the checklists/pricing there.

There are a ton of cards/sets out there. Regular base cards/parallels, inserts, relics, patches, autographs and sketches have all been produced. The number is well into the thousands or possibly tens of thousands.

I know for sure the plan is to incorporate all the Non-Sport in Sports sets in a special permanent bonus section in the Non-Sport Almanac next year.

What does everyone think? Yay or nay?

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Yay. I loved those Fans of the Game autograph cards when they first appeared, but its hard to remember in which product individual autographs were seeded because it was a sub-set covered in a couple of different sports sets as I remember.

Including non-sport cards that come from sport card sets into the Non-Sport Almanac is a great idea. You can just dump that Funko section if you need more room. Big Grin

I do think that autograph cards hold more value than relics and trying to come up with a good way to list and price sketches is pretty much an impossible task to me. So if you do find a lot of cards falling into this bonus section, it would be better to concentrate on non-sport autographs so that you have primary hits, rather than lesser hits in MHO.
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I have long been a fan of the non-sport subjects, both base and chase, in sets like Panini Golden Age, Goodwin Champions, and Allen and Ginter. These all come in such a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from tobacco card sized cards to 8 x 10 box loaders. One of the most amazing card series I ever saw was the one from an Allen and Ginter set, called The Ascent of Man, showing man's developement from cosmic dust to apes, to cavemen to modern man. It is done as a puzzle, 21 cards or so across... very cool.
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In recent years many of my most prized non-sports autographs have come out of sports products.
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I like the idea of having those cards in the Non-Sport Almanac Thumb Up

A small write up in the NSU about a set or 2 along with a checklist and pricing sounds pretty cool Metal
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