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Sports Sets With Non-Sport Cards
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I think I found the right forum to post this. Sorry if I am repeating what I wrote last night in another thread. Thanks again jon. This is mainly a question to Bill and Harris, but everyone can voice their opinion.

There is a lot of crossover of the major auto and memoribilia card inserts produced in sports cards sets. I'm talking about pro sports sets that also contain, as an example, Fans of the Game, Spectrum of Stars, and now the new MLB Piece of History. These inserts, which are of non-sport celebrities and are not part of the base sets, are not listed in the NSU Guide because they are found in sports sets. If I want to get the current price of say, Taye Diggs' FOTG autograph, I have no choice but to look it up in Becketts.

Since the NSU Guide has been revised and there is hopefully more space, would you consider adding pricing for these "hybrid" auto and material cards that many non-sport collectors go after? Understand that I don't mean the rest of the sports set, just those inserts that are clearly from celebrities and not sports stars.

I think a lot of non-sport collectors would like to see it all in one place. Also some people have no idea who are even in these products, especially FOTG which was spread between a few releases.

Finally I think this practice of mixing sport and non-sport is going to get more and more common as time goes on and NSU should establish some way to handle it.

Hope I made a good argument? Smile
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Actually, there is some precedence for this.

The Topps American Pie sets, which were the first to mix non-sport and sport in a single set ARE listed in NSU.

That said, I think it's going to be very difficult to catch up at this point. With so many release I'm not sure I can point Bill in the right direction just to find all the card sets that had non-sport sub-sets.

Another option might be that while it does not go in the NSU, it might be something that can be done in the next Encyclopedia of Non-Sport and Entertainment Trading Cards. I'm a big fan of that book and this would just be another reason to have a copy on the shelf.


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