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Philly Show Promos - May 2015
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Nice looking cards!!
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The Walter Day Collection

I believe only 9 of the 14 specifically mention the Philly Show. All 14 were available and then some. It was not limited to 14 different over the two days but I would not go so far as to say there were 2263 different either. Smile

One aspect of the card give-away that was not known ahead of time was that they requested that you limit your selection to five cards. I visited their table early, as I did the others, to ensure that what we had on the checklist was accurate. At the time, they had 14 on the table but not two of those on the checklist. They dug them out and graciously gave me one of each although I had already picked up my 5. (I didn't notice one had an imperfection. Mad

Breygent did not have the two DEALER promos at the show so they were crossed off the checklists.

George Wright had his two Galactic Groceries Promos from the two Previous Philly Shows at his table. He expects release no earlier than Fall.

Sidekick had some previous Collect Trading Cards promos in addition to the new CTC #10 on their table.

The three Mars Attack variations, only vary by the color of the saucer on the front. Do not consider any of the variations to be "rarest", "scarcest" or "worth most". If the stars line up we may see something special at the next show. No one is promising anything. I'm just starting a totally unsubstantiated rumor.

I don't know how many sought out the Richie Knuckles promo. Only a couple of people asked me about it. You missed out on a cool looking card if you did not find him.

I know someone with a Checklist who did not pickup the Breygent Saturday Promo at Mike Goldblatt's table. No sympathy, no mercy. Big Grin

No Cryptozoic promos which pleased most attendees in the sense everyone received a coupon good for one virtual spin of the wheel instead. Everyone won either an autograph or a relic card. At least that's what I won on my two spins.

Perna Studios had metal versions of its 4 promos for sale as predicted.

Did I miss anything? I hope not. If I did then I did!!!!! Wink

The Final Checklist will be available in a day or so. The only significant change will be the deletion of those Breygent DEALER promos (they do exist though) and the addition of the Bench Warmer Dealer promo. So if you don't want to wait I'll send the Show copy.

Bill D.

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Was there a downloadable checklist made like the 2 previous Philly shows? I found them quite handy.
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