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Hello again
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Hi guys, it's been ages since I've posted here. I've lurked a few times ^^ Bad health kept me away from the fun of collecting. No more cases, but a few here and there. My last boxes were Revenge season one and the premium 6 million dollar man & Bionic woman (my Lindsay Wagner auto card was smudged Frown )

I was thrilled when I realized that a show I love was released, and today I've opened a box of Outlander season 2 (can't find s1). Not easy to find.
Felt so good, reminded me of all the buying/selling and trading years ago.
Most of my collection is from Inkworks and Rittenhouse and I feel that the quality of my new cards seem slightly under my previous ones.

Last, let me share a funny story. Bear with me, my memory is bad.

Years ago I was looking for boxes of Angel season one, and found one. Checked the seller's inventory for my friends, and found an old Star Trek box, maybe early 90s, and NSU listed no special cards, except an autograph. $10. My friend was okay, and both boxes arrived safely.

Called my friend and asked "Did you get the auto card?" with a grin. He replied very calmly "yes".
"Any idea of the value?" I checked my Nsu, no value there, so quite rare I guess.
Might be Gene Roddenberry's autograph.

Anyway, glad to get new cards, I missed the fun of collecting.

"The good fight, yeah? You never know until you've been tested. I get that now."
- Cordelia in Angel
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Hi, welcome back, nice to hear from you. Wavey

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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Thank you Wolfie!

Hi Heroes for hire!
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Hello compatriot ! ( Big Grin ) Wave

You mustn't remember me, we were on the same forum ("My always Charmed") and I think I bought you cards or a base set. Smile

I hope you're doing much better. Smile

All my wishes.


(P.S. You're absolutely right when you say "the fun of collecting". I'm addicted now ! Luv You )

Sandra, French collector fan !!
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Welcome back
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