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Just sold the last of my collection
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I've been a member of this forum for 10 years. I was in love with the show Charmed and randomly found a website that sold Charmed magazines, called Wandringrebel. I was 13 at the time. And when I received my first issue, there was a Charmed Connections promo card included in the package. I was surprised! I didn't know anything about card collecting. I immediately went on eBay and drooled at all the cards I could potentially have in my possession. My mother was not so excited. Every time I would ask to buy a new card she'd roll her eyes and make me wait till pay day. Nothing made me more excited than checking the mail to find my new card.

My collection grew slowly. I could never get the good cards I wanted since my mom couldn't afford it. Especially when my sister, a Buffy fanatic, also wanted in on the fun. It wasn't until I got my first jobs when I started getting the nicer autographs and things to trade for. My end goal was always for a Holly Marie Combs autograph. Unfortunately, I never could save up enough for an autograph. And when I went to college I decided I didn't have the time for this hobby anymore and started selling off my collection. Well today, I finally sold my last piece. A Fringe Seasons 1 & 2 quad costume card. This damn card was a pain in the butt to get rid of.

I can't say that I will never come back to the hobby. I sometimes have this feeling of regret for getting rid of it all. But seeing my savings grow instead of being depleted is nice. Big Grin This community has been the best. I've traded with people from all over the world. Getting something from places like New Zealand or Chile was always exciting. Participating in Secret Santa a couple of times actually made my Christmas' so much better. Although, being H-Toser's scecret santa one year was incredibly intimidating!

I'll still pop by and browse the forums every so often. Maybe I'll encourage my future children to get into the hobby.

Michele (piper_rulez)
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Sorry to see you go Michele, best wishes for the future. Wavey

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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Great post Michelle but I'm sorry to see you go as well.
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I always enjoyed trading with you. I am sorry to see you go as well. There is always something new over the horizon and maybe you will be back!
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Just spotted your post Michelle....I liked trading with you too.
Hope you thought likewise.

I wish you all the best!
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Michele... I completely understand what you went through and are going through.

I used to collect everything and anything.

A few years ago I narrowed down my collection and only collected Sarah Michelle Gellar cards / items and 1 NFL player, Randy White.

Just recently, I started selling my Randy White collection. I had a huge collection and some days I regret selling... But I do not have the time to collect the way I did.

Plus, I think I was a bit "addicted"... I was always looking for cards online and I always had to get all of 1 of 1's and when I missed a card I would get upset.

I did keep a few Randy White cards and I still collect Sarah Michelle Gellar.

But I do not go nuts over it...

I feel I will always be in the Hobby, but not as crazy as I once was.

"When you are out numbered and the situation is hopeless, you have no option... You Must Attack!"
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