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Open That Box! Day 2014
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Well I have gone for it! Opened my boxes early as I have a busy day.

2 boxes, 1 that I kept from the Philly show and 1 I picked up at Collectormania Smile

Game of Thrones S3 Box No. 11334 of 12000 (Rittenhouse)

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
Tobias Menzies as Edmure Tully
Gold Parallel Base Card 16 (116/150)
8 Base Parallel
Quotable Q22,28
Relationships DL 4, 11
Gallery PC3

Bettie Page 2014 (Leaf)

Base Set
Calendar Girl – Set of 12
Queen of Pin-Ups Set of 16
Pajama Swatch BP-PJ9 (14/25)

VERY pleased with the GOT auto's, although "common" both are ones I wanted, GOT base set follows the same format as the first 2 series, I can't get excited about the Parallel's.

The Bettie Page set is a series of pictures of bettie with some details about her life on the back, would have loved an auto card.

You can't beat opening a box of cards first thing in the morning Smile

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This isn't my first OtBD, but it is my first in quite a while. Hi everyone!

I started my day by opening a box of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban update. It wasn't a terribly impressive breakdown (considering my three hits in each of the other two boxes I opened last week), but still fun! And I did manage to get the last puzzle card I needed, so there's that. Smile

1 complete base set
Puzzle cards – R1, R3, R5, R7, R9
Box Topper card – BT3
Costume card – Hermione's trousers

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Good day everyone!

I opened a box of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I am pleased with this box.

73 base cards (not a full set since the base set is 100 cards, but there were no doubles among the 73)
16 silver parallels
3 red parallels
1 blue parallel
11 Concept Series
4 Cap's Legacy
3 Behind the Lens
2 Movie Credits
1 single Fatigues, F-9 Falcon
1 Dual Fatigues, FD-3 Black Widow and Falcon
1 Hayley Atwell autograph card Thumb Up
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I`m a recent addition to the NSU forums and subscriber, and today, it is `Open-a-Box Day`, in which we open a box and detail on what we have found in them.

Now, being a collector of mainly japanese Saint Seiya cards (both `regular` Trading Cards and Collectible Card Game Cards), I don`t *do* Trading Cards in the normal way, but rather search the net for boxed sets on the cheap, and then crack them open and try to trade or sell the cards in order to fund my exotic collection. Which with over 1300 cards to go still requires quite some additions.

But this concept intrigued me, and after reading the reports of the 2013 entries, I decided to make the plunge this year, and be `one of the guys` in opening and detailing my box.

The set I picked was the 2003 Topps card series of the Incredible Hulk. The box had costed me around 15 USD, and contains 24 packs of 7 cards each.

Possible inserts are a set of 10 Gamma Foil cards (1:6 ratio), a set of 5 Crystal Clear cards (ratio 1:12) and possibly one of the 4 Custom Cover Cards at an overall ratio of 1:346 (these of course are the big money cards, and if I could pull one of them, I could have a full crate of Saint Seiya boosters come over). The Base Set itself is 72 cards, so a full one should normally be possible.

The cards themselves have some nice artwork:

After going through the opening of the 24 packs, I was perfectly on the ratio for inserts: 4 Gamma Foils, and 2 Crystal Clear cards

And a lot of basic cards

Which resulted in 2 full base sets and 20 left over loose doubles.

Not to bad a haul, but let`s do the math. Taking the NSU price guide to hand, I started adding and calculating the values of the cards, and see if I `ripped my pants` (no pun intended) or have the possible chance of a small profit in Nominal Trade Value.

2 Full Base Sets - 2x 10 = 20 USD
20 loose doubles - 20x 0.07 = 1.4 USD
4 Gamma Foil Cards - 4x 4.5 = 18 USD
2 Crystal Clear Cards - 2x 5 = 10 USD

So in essence I pulled open 48.4 USD in worth. Of course, they haven`t been traded or sold, but it is a good box in terms of value vs purchase cost, and now the part I love in my hobby starts... to try and exchange them in order to get my private collection closer to total completion!

Open a Box has been a fun little experience for me, and I`ll definitly be joining up again next year, maybe even if I can contain myself saving up a box of Saint Seiya by then to crack open on the exact day and report on that one ;-)

Though I doubt I could have them at the side closed for longer then an hour after arrival hehe.

See you all!

My *want* list

STUDS promos
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Hi everyone! I decided to go a little "old school" and opened up a box of Lost Season 2 that I picked up pretty cheap. Haven't sorted out the base cards yet, but based on past experience I should get at least one (probably 2) complete base sets. I also got 2 Betrayal cards (B2 and B3), 2 "?" cards (?4, ?5, ?6), one autograph card (A16 Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler), and one Pieceworks card (PW2 Sayid's shirt). A pretty decent break, even though I had the autograph card already, so both will be going up on the trade list.

Happy OTB Day ! Wave
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NSU Writer
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Happy Open That Box Day to all! I had planned to have something to open, but my local dealer could not get his hands on a box of new Star Wars or Game of Thrones... so, it was off to Target. I picked up a sale blaster box of Press Pass 2013 Racing. So my OTBD experience is 4 packs. I guess I can't complain, over the last few weeks have had some nice boxes to crack open.

I needed just 5 cards to complete my base set, and I have pulled big hits out of racing blaster boxes. Pulled 3 of my needs, plus 2 Racing Champions foils, a red parallel card, and a nice Class of 2013 Hall of Fame card.

Just happy to have something to open. Have fun everyone!
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Happy OTB everyone. I am unfortunately not participating this year since I am living half the world away from any boxes I buy. But I hope everyone gets the hits they want Smile
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I enjoyed breaking some boxes today nothing spectacular but still a good time. I opened three boxes as follows:

1. Marvel Bronze Age (Rittenhouse Archives)

Got: one complete base set
24 extra base cards
8 base parallel cards
3 poster puzzle cards
2 classic heroes cards
1 bronze embossed
1 sketch card (Iron Fist)

2. Thor the Dark World (Upper Deck)

Got: Incomplete base set missing 5 cards Frown
22 extra base cards
12 stcikers
1 comic creator auto(Thomas and Pollard)
2 dark material cards (DM-7 and DMD-3)
2 AV clear cards

3. Game of Thrones Season 3 (Rittenhouse Archives)

Got: One complete base set
13 extra base singles
9 foil base parallels
2 quotable cards
2 relationship cards
1 relationships gold parallel card
1 gold base card parallel
1 gallery card
2 autogarph cards (Gwendoline Christie and George Georgiou)

Have a great OTB day! I took my boxes on a "road trip" yesterday for good luck (photos of various friends on the NSU facebook page) but it did not work. Those "friends" are going to hear about it, LOL!! Big Grin

"The problem, I'm told, is more than medical."
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I busted two boxes - Harry Potter POA Update and Star Wars Chrome

Harry Potter
Auto - Anna Shaffer as Romilda Vane
Costume - C13 (One of Luna Lovegoods)
Puzzle - R1, R3, R5, R7, and R9
Box Topper - Snape wood card

Star Wars Chrome
Medallions - 11, 14
/199 - 31E, 33R
/99 - 3R (Han Solo), 40E, 42E
Agents - Complete set
Citizen's Alert - 5, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
Rebel Training - 2, 3
Join the Battle - 1, 2, 3
A Sworn Message - 1

Did decent on the Harry Potter box, but probably took a huge hit on the Star Wars box...not sure complete though as I'm not sure how the parallels are selling. Chrome products are generally fun to break though because of the parallels. Plus there seems to be quite a few insert sets in it. Overall enjoyable.
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I opened up a box of Captain America Winter Solder from Upper Deck. This is a very nice set, although for the price, I expected to be able to get enough of the base cards to make a common card set. Other than that, I was very pleased with the product.

Base set 75 of 100 cards
Parallel Silver Foil 18 cards
Parallel Red foil 2 cards
Parallel Blue foil 0
Concept Series 12 cards
Cap's Legacy 5 cards
Behind the Scenes 2 cards
Movie Credits 1 card
Fatigues 1 card (F-9)
Fatigues Dual 1 card (FD-9)
Sketch 0
Auto 0
Auto Dual 1 card (Sebastian Stan & George St-Pierre)
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Below are some photos from Barobehere's Open That Box day. Barrett was unable to post today so I offered to post for him. As you can see, he opened a box of Skybox Return of Superman. Barrett says he got 3 sets and 1 foil card.

The last photo above is Barrett's son with the foil Return of Superman card.

Happy OTB
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As typical any given weekend, I am at a show for this OTB Day. But the show is pretty much a bust so I decided to break a box of something during the day.

I'd pretty much decided to go with Dawn: New Horizons because they were sitting there taunting me and it's my favorite set of the last year. However, a customer came to the table <gasp> and purchased my 1 Leaf Bettie Page mini-master set out of the case.

So, I decided that was a sign and I'd open another Bettie box to fill up the hole in the case with another set. But no, not the one on the table, I fished the extra one out of the overflow tub below the table so I wouldn't have to restock.

Now, I rarely pull anything great in a product I'm personally collecting, my needs are few and very specific. But I beat the odds...

Half way in was a pack with 1 base card and 1 really thick card. Another material card I assumed until I turned it over and realized I'd just pulled a Bettie Page cut autograph card!

Not where I can upload a picture right now, but I'll post when I get home if the thread is still open.

Needless to say, the day was a great one no matter the sales today.

Hope your boxes are full of card you want!


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I went super-old school and opened up a box of Uranus Attacks! This was a 1986 spoof on Mars Attacks and was very cleverly done. It was originally sold as sets in 1986, then the remainder of was packaged into packs and boxes in 1987. There wasn't any real chase cards, except a prize coupon for different things including uncut sheets, unfolded boxes, sealed boxed, color buttons, etc. (Mine was for Uranus Strikes T-shirt, which I can't wait to wear at the next card show.) There are only 36 cards in the set, yet 48 six card packs in the box-- providing potentially 8 sets per box. But what it lacks in diversity, it makes up in original art and a very clever story. There's even a cameo of Les David (editor of The Wrapper magazine) being attacked by aliens on card #4.

I had this set already, but always wanted to actually open a box-- and today was the big day. It's a handsome design and the wrappers are neat, too. On the back, they offer a 3-D poster of the alien, complete with 3-D glasses. It was something I always wanted but have never been able to obtain (they are long gone now). The boxes themselves originally sold for $25 or so-- but they are now close to ten times that amount. (So yeah, I'm keeping mine for display!)

There are many homages to various cultural icons, including GPK, 007, Jaws, and the like. It's a tour de force down the 1980s memory lane. The art color is somewhat muted, but the art itself is rather appealing. It's a little cartoonish, but being a spoof, that makes total sense. And the horse faced four armed aliens are really pretty cool! The fact this series was produced by an independent-- collector Bob Ting-- long before the Independents become common place, is just an extra plus.

My only gripe would be that there was no gum in the packs. (But if there had been, then I would be complaining that it was rock hard now and had stained the cards.) So over all this box gets an A-. Yeah, it could have had more money dumped into higher production values, but what Ting achieved on a shoe string budget is truly remarkable: a series that really deserves to be enjoyed, remembered, and collected. It's proof that good stories, good art, and determination can meet or surpass what big budgets and licenses from larger companies can accomplish. Google some Uranus Attacks images and see for yourself. Or better yet, track down and get some on eBay or wherever. If you're a serious Mars Attacks fan, this is a MUST have! And if you're sic-fi or original art fan, you'll want it, too.

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Happy OTBD everyone Wave

I just finished up opening my three boxes for OTDB. I started with a Topps WWE Heritage 3 box, followed by two boxes of the new Cryptozoic Sons of Anarchy series. I will try and add some photos abit later.

WWE Heritage 3 Box
Bbase set w/extras
Worlds Greatest Tagteam Box Topper
Allen & Ginter Minis (1, 5, 7, 11)
Matt Hardy Shirt Relic (all black)
John Cena Autograph Thumb Up

Sons of Anarchy S1-3

Box 1
Base set w/extras
C02, C09
M04 Gemma
A11 Taylor Sheridan (Deputy Hale) Autograph

Box 2
Base set w/extras
C04, C08
M06 Opie
A4 Kim Coates inscribed Tig (Tig) Autograph Thumb Up

Overall I am really pleased with the results to pull two nice autographs on OTDB Wave

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I opened a box of ST:TNG Heroes and Villains for OTB day this year in hopes of getting one of the crew autographs. I have participated in OTB day since it first started I believe.

Here are my results:

8 parallels
R2, R15
L4, L7

One base set with three extras


Mickey Cottrell
Michael Corbett
James Sloyan
Brian Thompson

and the Dr. Noonian Soong costume card numbered 151/275

No crew auto, but the costume was a decent hit.


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Well another fun OTBD has arrived. I had hoped to be able to open a box of Serenity cards, but due to work I was unable to pick it up at the apt. office before it closed. I decided to open a couple of boxes of The Women of Legend I had received earlier in the week. I also picked out a box of Robots I had in my rainy day storage (or my supply of too broke to buy something to fix the pack craving).

Robots is a nice set with some neat inserts. I really like to Postcards from the City cards. They are like large film cels and are pretty cool to look at.

I was lucky enough to pull a color sketch of Fender by Joel Gomez. I wish all companies numbered their sketches like Inkworks did. All I had to do was go to their old website and look up the card number to find out the artist. No trying to decipher some partial signature. This card even has a brief artist bio on the back making it even easier to identify.

Next I opened the 2 boxes of The Women of Legend. Also a nice set. The images used in the base set are really good. I liked the sticker inserts by Katie Cook. I didn't get any costume cards, but I did pull some nice sketches. I pulled a sketch of Pandora by Chris Foulkes and a sketch of Katana by Richard Brady.

Over all I am happy with my pulls and have plenty to sort through for the next few days.

Happy OTBD!!! Smile

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Originally posted by Batman:

3. Game of Thrones Season 3 (Rittenhouse Archives)

Got: One complete base set
13 extra base singles
9 foil base parallels
2 quotable cards
2 relationship cards
1 relationships gold parallel card
1 gold base card parallel
1 gallery card
2 autogarph cards (Gwendoline Christie and George Georgiou)

Have a great OTB day! I took my boxes on a "road trip" yesterday for good luck (photos of various friends on the NSU facebook page) but it did not work. Those "friends" are going to hear about it, LOL!! Big Grin

good auto's. Enjoyed the pictures on fb Thumb Up
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Well, it's been an hectic day for me yesterday as my wife, my title daughter and I came back from a trip to the French countryside and came home in Paris pretty late. However, we managed to find some time to open up the boxes I saved for all of us

I had the Mars Attacks Invasion box
My wife had the James Bond 2013 Relics and Autographs
My daughter (who just turned 19 months old) 4 packs of Disney Princess from Topps

It was really fun as always. I didn't have the time to get a lot of pics but we definitely had some good time. Mars Attacks was a pleasure to see and read with some really nice inserts, the way a card set nowadays should be done. Bond was nice although the autograph and relics were really average (we had the daniel craig auto last year we could not complain) As for our daughter, she really enjoyed her packs as well as a dozen packs of Thor I had. You can see how she stores her cards :-)

It was a great 2014 OTB Day ! Thanks again NSU for the initiative and we'll be ready for OTB 2015 you can count on us !!
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My 2 boxes Cryptozoic's Downton Abbey. We opened a box at the May meetup where I got

a partial base set,
cigarette cards
Iain Glen auto (Richard Carlisle)
Michele Dockery costume (Mary)
Various Chase

Second box has
completed base set
More cigarette cards
Dual costume of Mary & Edith
Michelle Dockery auto
Various chase

These are some beautiful cards and I'm going to hunt a full set of the ciggy cards. There's a freakin lot of them too.......

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Great posts everyone. Really enjoyed looking through them and seeing the pictures too. Thanks very much for participating.

We'll leave this open for a bit in case anyone is late in posting about their OTB day experiences.
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