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This forum is now open for business, though we ask you not to post your "Open That Box!" day submissions until its May 31st where you are.

For this forum, please post your "Open That Box!" posts in the main "Open That Box!" thread, rather then starting a new thread each time. It is easier for everyone to read them this way.

This forum will be open on "Open That Box" day, May 31 and a little while longer for those stragglers, procrastinators, or those who had to work on May 31st.

As space permits, we may include a page or two of Open That Box! Day photos in the magazine so don't forget to snap a few and send them to us. You can send them right to me (my address is in my profile). Please send the original photo rather then images that have been made ready for the web (those won't work well for the magazine). Please only send one or two -- if you have more, e-mail me first.

Also, we may include some of your comments about Open That Box! day 2014 in Non-Sport Update so don't forget that by posting here in this special OTB forum, you are giving us permission to use your posts.

And one final request. Please try and limit what you post here in this "OTB Submissions" forum to your OTB entry. Use the OTB discussion thread for other discussion about the event; Or the trade forums for trades.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participates. We hope you'll enjoy the day.
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