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Spook Show 2 (Monsterwax, 2020)

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November 27, 2020, 05:28 PM
Don Norton
Spook Show 2 (Monsterwax, 2020)
Got this a few days ago, and have been going over these, reading the interesting info on backs.
I did not order the set with all the hits, but was still very happy with what came in my Kickstarter set.
48 Base cards- Numbered 67 to 114. all full color posters
2 Checklist cards
1 Credits card
18 stickers, monochrome newspaper ads
3 Spook Show Promos, 7,8, & 9
1 Lost in Space Promo
3 Foil Cards
1 Kickstarter Bonus B1
1 Kickstarter Bonus B2 Backer card
1 Mystic Metal Card
1 Spook Show 2 Vomit Bag
1 Official Ghost Certificate - I now have my own ghost. He has not appeared before me, but at least I have someone to talk to.

As always, a fun and informative set from Monsterwax. Well done Kurt!