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WWE Dog Tags
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Picked up three packs.
There are 24 packs per box.

Each pack has...
1 double sided dog tag with chain B-
(One side features the wrestler, the reverse side features the wrestler nickname or logo.)
1 art-like card C
1 trifold checklist B+
Wrapper design C-
(Difficult to open if you are interested in saving the wrapper.)
Bang for Your Buck D
Fun factor D
Overall C/C-

There is supposed to be one gold parallel dog tag per box. The checklist is the highlight of this release. The cards are vulnerable to corner dings due to packaging. Probably more fun if you plan on wearing the dog tags.

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I don't know why, but I bought a box a while back. Got all 24 plus a Rey Mysterio gold tag. The gold ones aren't really all that special except for a different color chain and border. Not a good release.
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