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Mystica Tarot Major Arcana Set (Braiiinz , 2020)

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November 13, 2020, 10:14 AM
Mystica Tarot Major Arcana Set (Braiiinz , 2020)
Got my cards from Mexico in less than three weeks , very pleased with my pulls Smile . I got 4 cases each of which contained 4 boxes plus one case topper which is a larger sketch with rounded edges that fits in 6 pocket pages . Each box has a 22 card base set , 4 of an 8 card paralell line art set , 2 of a 4 card gold foil artist picks set , and one sketch . Also randomly inserted printing plates and artist signed paralells of the gold cards hand numbered /22 .

I got the full set of four signed gold cards and one printing plate. Here are the sketches :

I The Magician by Elfie Lebouleux , III The Empress by Barush Merling .

VII The Chariot by Israel Artega , VIII Strength by Leon Brajos .

VIII Strength by Arturo Ramirez/Daniel Benitez , X Wheel of Fortune by A J Agravante .

X Wheel of Fortune by C J Catchillar , XI Justice by M D Godino .

XII The Hanged Man by Yuriko Shirou , XIV Temperance by Melissa Ballesteros .

XVII The Star by Don Mark Noceda , XVIII The Moon by Luro Hersal .

XVIII The Moon by Amber Stone , XVIII The Moon by Jose Carlos Sanchez .

XVIII The Moon by Dacachi Fujino , XXI The World by Kasper .

V The Hierophant by Enys Guerrero , XII The hanged Man by Liz Chesterman .

XIII Death by Mizumel , XIX The Sun by Achilleas Kokkinakis .

Pictures do not do justice to these cards . Many of them have details picked out in silver and gold ink which does not show well when photographed . Great set Thumb Up .

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November 13, 2020, 10:21 AM
very nice, i like the Chariot one. Thumb Up

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