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Sexy Maids (EGS Studios , 2023)
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Finally got my packs of this release after 33 days in transit from the Philippines to the UK. It was worth the wait Smile .

I don't think EGS quite understand how Kickstarter is supposed to work where the backers get extra rewards and benefits over people who buy when the product is released .

I got a deluxe box with five deluxe packs of three sketches and 7 base cards in each pack with a bonus three sketches from the Kickstarter promotion and then three later deluxe packs off the EGS website which had four sketches and 7 base cards in each pack . The website ones were cheaper too Confused .

Anyway I got 34 of the 36 base cards but Nick at Cardsdownunder in Australia is very kindly helping me out with the two I am missing . I also got the special metal card limited to 18 and the following sketches ( not all artists are on the published checklist so some are just what is written on the back of the card ) :

Angelo Abellana , Ajhay Cerezo .

ADE x 2 .

Jheycy Bermido x 2 .

R J Balcita x 2 .

Daphne Rhadge Camaya x 2 .

Jolyn and Julienne Espina x 2 .

Menk Dela Cruz , Mariana Fadrilan Jnr .

Chelsea Fonseca x 2 .

JoJo Hilario , Jyine Llano .

Jo Marie M , Varon Moreno .

Romo Namli , Joshua Nunez .

Emnuelson Padilla , Nicki Panganiban .

Rico Dela Rosa x 2 .

Liquid Aeron Raines , Jhun Zululeta .

Shaow Siong , Mark Christopher Sabuero .

Some of these artists will also be in the upcoming Perna set .

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Wow, great sketches thank you for sharing.

I was really hoping that EGS figured out the business end of this as they have done a fantastic job on the art side.

The odd pricing on their website vs Facebook vs kickstarter are an issue. . . 33 days to get packages delivered is an issue. Having the new set being advertised while buyers are waiting for the old set is an issue.

They contacted me for my thoughts after Sexy Warriors and I said similar things -- the big issues for me were communication and the insane shipping time. All they needed to do to keep me as a customer would be to promise better communication and offer a much faster shipping option. They didn't do either so I didn't buy.

Congratulations -- your patience paid off!

The next set doesn't interest me at all so maybe by the time their third set is out they'll have this figured out.

In the meantime I REALLY hope they get these artists on the new Red Sonja set.
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