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2020 WWE Chrome (Topps, 2020)

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November 07, 2020, 02:24 PM
2020 WWE Chrome (Topps, 2020)
Blaster box at Target.
7 packs, 4 cards each & 1 3-card exclusive bonus pack of x-factor parallels.

17 regular base of 100, no dupes
3 parallel x-factors
1:1 6 parallel refractors
1:7 base card variation
1:6 1 Fantasy Matches
1:7 1 Shocking Wins
1:7 1 Big Legends
1:112 1 Gold refractor ##/50
Release offers long odds at autograph and parallel variations.

Overall Grade C-/D+
Pros: box, wrapper, base, parallels and chase notch. Thumb Up
Cons: Set Completion (It will take at least 6 blasters with perfect collation). Shake Head
Hobby may be a better option than retail.
Crazy odds for autos, and no relics.

November 17, 2020, 11:14 AM
Please post breakdown if you bought a HOBBY box.


March 20, 2021, 10:28 AM
Originally posted by xtime:
Please post breakdown if you bought a HOBBY box.


So during my hiatus from the board, I became a massive wrestling fan, particularly of the Women's Division. I did break a hobby box of this and was super thrilled with my results.

53 out of 100 base cards(no repeats)
23 Silver Base Refractors
4 Image Variants
4 Shocking Wins
4 Legends
4 Fantasy Matches
1 Shocking Wins (Charlotte Flair)- Green #28/99
1 Gold Base Refractor(Braun Strowman)- #41/50
2 Autographs-

Io Shirai- Silver #57/199
Alexa Bliss- Orange- #8/25

The set is beautiful, I do wish you could get more of the base set cards in a box but alas. The autographs are really nice, but I also lucked out by getting two female stars, especially the Bliss as she is popular amongst the WWE community. (Sasha Banks is my personal fave, but she didn't have any signed cards in this set)


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