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Halloween Collectible Trading Cards (RR Parks, 2020)

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October 27, 2020, 03:14 PM
Don Norton
Halloween Collectible Trading Cards (RR Parks, 2020)
Got these yesterday, I had signed up for these on Kickstarter and it is a fun set with something for everyone:
8 Choke and Gag Manos Edition - 3 small cards with perforations.
9 The Giant Leeches - Poster art and Lobby Cards. Beware the Giant Leeches! or maybe just don't go swimming in a dirty swamp...
10 Quatermass and The Pit Series 3- RR Parks ongoing series based on a British film.
1 Quatermass and the Pit Print
9 Halloween Trick or Treat Cards - Old fashioned Halloween images, attractive antique style cards.
21 Horror Monster Cards - 50's style monster cards with funny captions and jokes on the back, some of them will surely elicit a guffaw or two. Also, look at the border image on back, it changes, with the monsters moving or making faces..
10 The Golem - Photos from 100 year old film. Would liked to have seen some descriptive text. This was a Kickstarter add-on. The 10th card is signed by Richard Parks.
1 Golem Metal Kickstarter Card -Personalized, signed and numbered.
8 Scary Clowns Series 2 - Nightmarish stuff! Horrible to behold!
7 Scary Clowns Series 2 1/2 - Shudder!
2 Scary Clowns Promos
18 Comic Book Advertising Cards - Those old ads from comics for 100 Toy Soldiers or Giant Dinosaurs. You will want to look at these with a magnifier, the print is reduced very small. Lots of memories here.
9 various promos - Different sets coming from RR Parks, as well as some for these sets. Some are slightly oversized Kickstarter promos.
1 Lenticular Motion Ouija Board with Ghost
1 Richard Parks Happy Halloween signed card
1 Jackalope Etching card, signed and numbered
1 Printing Plate -Signed, mine was from Halloween Trick or Treat set.
1 bag of Halloween Candy - Suckers (one of which tinted my tongue blue), bubblegum and plastic cockroaches

Sets like this are just pure fun to go over. Richard puts a lot of work into details, like the different backs on the Horror Monster cards. You have a sci-fi element, Horror, Nostalgia and humor. Well done Richard!