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WWE Finest (Topps, 2020)

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December 14, 2020, 09:33 AM
WWE Finest (Topps, 2020)
One blaster: 6 packs, 4 cards each
1 exclusive pack of 2 x-fractors

19 base, no dupes
2 refractors 1:3
1 Decade's Finest Superstars JCena S4 1:36
1 Finest Debut D.Bryan D1 1:18

1 Finest Autograph black variation 2/25
Zelina Vega 1:6,866 Big Grin Eek

It is great to beat the odds, but in fairness...
Overall Grade C-/C
Pros: box, wrapper, base, parallels and chase notch, again! Thumb Up
Cons: Set Completion (It will take at least 6 blasters with perfect collation). Shake Head
Hobby may be a better option than retail.
Crazy odds for autos and chase. No relics.
Releasing it so too close to Chrome. Twak

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