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New Promo Trend?
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I've noticed what I think to be a new trend on eBay, and I think it sucks. This also serves as a "Head's Up" for those beginning the same set.
I'm building up my Marvel Masterpieces '94 (Hildebrandt Bros) set, and have been hunting down the promos. While the elusive ones are few, I thought that I had stumbled upon some promos that weren't listed anywhere.
A handful (or just one) seller has been selling the uncut 9-Card Promos, but cut. And one card per listing, at that.
Most of the time, they look legit.
Here's what I wanna know: What are the chances that these are Legit (I personally doubt it), and would any of you buy them? I'm not planning on giving some yahoo that destroys Promos money, but am wondering if there are some collector's out there who would.
As I said, hopefully this will serve as a warning to any rookie collector about to start up the same set.

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Yes, you have to be careful with that.
There is a 4 card uncut sheet for Simpsons Skybox Series one from 1993, and people have been selling cards cut from that for 20 years. Those cards were never issued as singles.

On those, the seller virtually never says they are cut from the sheet, but in at least some of their defenses, they may have acquired them after they were cut from the sheets without having known that had been done.

Even so, I once saw a seemingly completed transaction for the Homer card cut from the sheet with a sale price of over $100, pretty insane considering the non-ruined (uncut) version of the card along with the 3 others on the sheet usually sells for about $5, and remains very plentiful even 20 years after it was issued.

As for the 1994 Marvel Masterpieces, no regular single sized promo cards were issued, to my knowledge, so any you see would likely be cut from the 9up sheet.

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