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TAOSC Promo Cards
My plan is to make 2 posts on the site - please forgive me if I'm not allowed to do this and delete. The art section seems to be closed so I don't know where to put these two posts...

Well, first, I have promo cards that go with my upcoming book (written, complete, currently in PDF form) that is on a Kickstarter to become a print book (it funded in 2 hours Luv You )

Is there anywhere I could send these cards for distribution?

This is the first of 2 ( maybe 3) volumes, and the artwork within is used with permission. (and I've already got a couple of surprises lined up for volume 2). The levels that include either paperback or hardcover copies include specially designed blank sketch cards that you can use as you wish, ideally to commission any of the artists interviewed within. Support of the book encourages the artists, and helps me to create the second volume. So far, 96% of the funds go to cover the costs of printing the books and various perks. None of my time writing, creating layouts, admin tasks, organizing, promoting, etc, etc, are covered.

This is a bit of a dream project for me, and I'm crossing my fingers that people will enjoy the results.

(again, these posts are hopefully not "junk" style, I really don't know the correct section to put them in... Smile

Here is the link, take a look and see if it is something you like:

The Art of Sketch Cards

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