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Gray area promos
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What's the back of that standard card sized one?
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The backs are all blank. The cards are all thin paper.
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Zane and Todd, thanks for the enquiry, I'll post the pic of the pamphlet for the Extreme Speed set on Facebook Promotional Trading Cards, check it out there as I'm still unsure how to post a pic here, but, just bought a new laptop so might be a little easier with my new teknologeez!!
Merry Christmas everyone. Wavey Wave

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Originally posted by David R:
Zane, that is a very interesting Tim Burton card. I have never seen that one before. Where did you find that card ? Is it part of a set ?

Hey David, yeah I wasn’t sure what it was but since it mentions trading cards thought is was a promo card. Not even sure how I got it. Interesting what Albert said about it but never heard of a promotion with that card. Email me if you want to talk about it.
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Regarding the unnumbered Spoof Comics cards with the prismatic borders...I've learned those cards were not in the boxed sets and might have been available only in the comics. The book, "Comic Cards and Their Prices" provides checklists for four 37-card boxed sets: Batbabe, Bogus Heroes, Spider-Femme, and Spoof Comics Month. These lists include only the logo/checklist card and the 36 numbered cards in each set.

I also see a 37-card "X-Babes vs. Justice Broads" Spoof Comics set for sale.

Originally posted by promoking:
The ones that really got me were the Brainstorm cards. I started looking for them and buying them, and did so for a while until I was convinced they too were sold as sets.
I agree with you guys on the Wisconsin Wild Cards. I still really enjoy those cards. I think I'm missing one, if thinking of the right set.

On the Tohubohu, Jess was the one who convinced me that one could buy a whole set at SDCC so they have come off my list as well. Similarly, Todd, you mentioned in PCE that the SPOOF COMICS set on page 132 was sold. So I gladly gave up looking for all those singles. The "real" promos in column 3 are not so easy to find, though. I'm still looking for the #3, Wolverbroad after all these years.
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