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Misc Promo/Sell Sheet Help Needed
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I picked up a large binder of misc promos & stuff at a card show today. I picked up a number of uncut 4&9 card panels from all kinds of sets, many of which I was able to get some sort of value on from searching the bay of E.

Some of the items, I was not able to find and would love some input.

Also some sell sheets, this X-files one looks to me missing some info like the manufacturer (Topps?)

Some of the other sell sheets that I got are folded Comic Images ones that are too big to scan. They are from:

30th Salute G.I.Joe
William Stout 2 (x2)
Jim Warren's Surrealism Beyond Bizarre
Ladies, Leather and Lace Olivia 3

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I don't know anything about it but I like the Al Qadim sheet... If you are planning to move it or any other fantasy stuff, keep me in mind.

Also, any WW2 in that folder?
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The 4-Card Marvel sheets (Fleer Marvel Cards 1994 and Fleer Spider-Man) were definitely polybagged with various card collecting magazines of the day, like Cards Illustrated, Tuff Stuff Collect, and Combo, to name a few. The masssively printed Wizard also issued the 4 card Marvel sheets, so there are A LOT of them out there, to say the least.

I suspect the Donruss Joe's Apartment 4-card sheet was ditributed the same way, but I don't remember seeing one, and I bought most issues of those magazines I mentioned (and many others)and never got one. Distribution could be a bit more limited on that one. I think I do have a same sized one from "Flipper" movie, one of Donruss' few other efforts besides Joe's Apartment that constituted their brief attempt in the mid 1990s to get back into non-sport cards. They also issued Ace Ventura sequel and Kazaam movie card sets during that effort, maybe a couple more.

The 2 card Fleer Ultra X-Men card is a good find. I remember it used to sell for a dollar or two when I'd see one, but I noticed one sold a few months ago for $20+ with the continued and growing interest in 1990's Marvel cards. There is another one with 2 different cards on it. They are somewhat unusual in that they were packaged with a football themed magazine, and not with the usual comic book or comic/card price guide magazine Marvel promos were issued with.

Beyond the trade magazines, a lot of 4 card sheets and 2 card strips (as well as 9 card sheets and single promos) were found in the two competing comic shop ordering catalogs of the early 1990's which were Previews and Advance Comics. Previews is still around today but only rarely will include a card promo sheet, as opposed to the scores of them found in issues from 1991, 1992, and 1993 especially. They were always bound directly into the issue, which is a thick magazine sized item, making 9 card sheets possible. Their competitor, Advance Comics, also magazine sized, was polybagged, so they could put in promos singles, strips, and sheets in the bag, which they did in droves, multiple different ones in each issue, as I recall. They were swallowed up by Previews pretty quickly though, so the publication of it ceased and Previews conntinued with its own format of non-polybagged issues with the promos, if any, bound into the issue. The Dungeons and Dragons cards sheets, such as Al-Qadim, was likely found in an issue of Advance Comics, since they and Previews sold a TON of D&D cards in those days.
I think its safe to say that a huge chunk of the promo sheets annd strips from the 1990s were found as samples in the ordering catalogs and bonuses with the purchase of comic and card price guides.

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I am also interested in the D&D sheet
most likely found in an issue of Dragon Magazine
I found 721-737 in issue #180

let me know if you are interested in trading this
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Thanks for the info gents. Nicnac, sorry bud, no WWII (if there was I would have put them on the side for ya). Due to the odd sizes and lack of good protection, I don't know when I will get arround to moving any of them, just wanted to get some info.

If I do make them available, I will certainly le you know.

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I'm looking at the Bench Warmer sheet and reminiscing over a time when 25,000 sheets were considered a limited edition. Just imagine what our collections would be worth if we could ever get that number even close to that again!

The 2x2 Spider-man sheet was inserted in Tuff Stuff March '94. There are several others but they are all 3x3 sheets that were inserted in Triton, Advance, Previews, CBC February '94, HWDC.

Bill D.

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Hello igman7

To answer your question on values of the items you have shown.

1. Teddy Girls 3 card strip Est $3
2. Joe's Apartment 4 card sheet Est $3
3. TSR Trading Cards 4 card sheet Est $10
4. X-Men Ultra '95 2 card sheet Est $3
5. Marvel Universe 1994 4 card sheet Est $1.50
6. Amazing Spider-man 4 card sheet Est $2
7. Bench Warmer 1992 ESt $3
The Above information is from thePromo Card Encyclopedia & Price (Est Values) Guide 2008 Edition.
Now remember the cards are only worth what someone is welling to pay for them.

I can use items #3, 4 & 7, you can E-mail me if there for trade (Perferably) or sale.
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