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Sonic Trolls Stickers
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Sonic Drive-In is offering a new set of stickers available in their kids meals this month: Trolls (from the cartoon of the same name). I'd never heard of the show before, but according to my twin nieces the show is quite popular with middle schoolers - they knew all about it. So far, I managed to amass 9 different stickers: 6 regular and 3 with a "glitter effect" for want of a better description. They're extremely colorful, somewhat goofy, and possess a certain charm. Not sure how many there are in the set, so I'm going with the standard 10 until I know differently. Just a word to the wise, for whatever reason the collation on this particular set of stickers is HORRIBLE! If you have the opportunity, you might want to spread your purchases out a bit on this one. Good luck and happy hunting!
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Again, I have to get on this page more often because Warwick, RI is almost ready to open its new Sonic. I think this month {September} or maybe October.

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