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Wanted to buy
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I was just thinking that it would be great if there was some way I could post in a "wanted to buy" forum. Kinda like the advertising area but specifically for cards/sets/boxes that I am interested in buying but are not offered in the advertising section by any of the listed advertisers. Not anything that would go in trade section because I want to buy not trade. A cross between the trade forum and the advertising forum. Any way we could get a forum for posting lists of items that users want to buy???

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I,m allmost sure it has been stated in the past that buying aswell as selling is not allowed on the forum.

But i have been known to be mistaken. Big Grin

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you can post a "Wanted to buy" post in the Advertisers forum - its only $25 for 4 months and you can modify the post as often as you like

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