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Trade Feedback
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I notice the U.S. History trade thread is dead now (It's still pinned to the top of that forum). Did everyone like having the trades like this? In other words, having a thread for this one particular set (I beleive we did something similar for the Justice League promos that came out some time ago as well)? Do you think we should do more of it in the future or just leave it for the occasion when there is something super difficult to complete like this set?

Let me know.
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sort of like a "flavor of the month" or a "Special Occasion" post?

i'd go for the something super difficult thing Thumb Up

but that's just me Wave


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I agree with Starwolf1001,
It may be a good idea, like trying to obtain cards from a parallel set.

Or something along those lines.
Chris Big Grin
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I think that one worked because it was kept at the top of the page - an official post.

We've tried to do specific sets trading in the past when sets have just been released and asked that the trades all be kept on the same thread so that everyone just has the one place to go to look for stuff. But usually what happens is that everyone wants to start their own thread.
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I think the history one worked well and should definatly be used again.

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Sounds a good idea to me, with a post on top of the page.

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