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Box Breakdowns vs. Card Images and Discussions
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Originally posted by H_Toser:
I've moved this thread over here from the box breakdown forum since it's not really a breakdown thread.

I wonder what everybody thinks about the idea of creating a subforum just for posting images and discussing the details of specific pulls of sketches, props, costumes, etc.

We've been evolving so that the breakdown area is where people post their breaks, then are also asked to post images of what they pulled. Sometimes we focus just on the breakdowns over there and post images in News and Rumors. Increasingly, it's not how many things you pull from a box or case that's important, it's which ones, and variant images in the case of sketches and even costumes/props. That means there's a lot of follow-up chatter on the images, which makes the breakdown threads more cumbersome for "historical research."

But the breakdowns thread is the only place on CardTalk where you always know you can find a discussion related to the specific card set, even years later.

Another site uses separate threads for "Card Lists and Box/Case Breakdowns" and "Scans and Comments", but the overall structure of the site is different. Would we do better to create a specific forum under "General Non-Sport Card Collecting" that focuses on discussions of specific pulls, like "Card Sightings, Scans, and Discussion"? Then we might collect the best from Box Breakdowns and News & Rumors, and keep the latter focused on speculation of what will be coming out, instead of on what's already been released. Right now, News & Rumors covers future sets but also all of the non-breakdown discussions of everything that has gone before. It might work better if it focuses on things we're looking forward to.

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Interesting...What do others think?
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are there not already places to post scans of particular pulls in the greatest hits section?
the Your Favourite sketch card and AutoCard/Costumecard pulls threads come to mind.

I do find myself duplicating posts of scans in the breakdown section and the above GH threads.
Does this cause a problem with the CT Bandwidth?


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Boldly, See I think of the Favorites threads as a spot to showcase my most FAVORITE of all card. I find myself, like many others, posting pics of the case breaks, etc. within the box breakdown forum and when its a popular set, everyone does it and it does get a little convoluted and messy within the box breakdowns. It might be nice to have a separate place to show off images from the box breakdowns, but I imagine most people would still post images along with their breakdowns in the one thread.
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From my point of view having a new section to post breakdown pics would become a little tiresome to use.
What I'm trying to say is if I'm looking at someones breakdown and then having to go to another thread to see the cards they pulled it would quickly become tiresome, not to mention time consuming in itself while having to scroll though the pic thread to find thier post and see thier cards.

Like I said just my 2 pence worth Big Grin

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I think the images and breakdowns belong together because quite often the important information is in the scans. . .

Especially when you have sketch cards. . .

I want to be able to go back and look and see not only was this a set had cards by artist X, but this set had really good sketches by artist X.

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Yeah, but sometimes most of posts are comments about scans. Which isn't necessarily bad, if you have different types of discussions for different types of sets.

The major reason that the separation works nicely on another site is because things are organized with subgroups by card set, so the breaks are located right next to the scans and discussion. I can't see how that could work the same way in CardTalk.

But right now I feel a bit frustrated because scans and comments are spread out into two or three places. If I want to enjoy all of the artwork for a sketch set, I'd almost like to see a continuous discussion from when artists first post scans a few months before a set's release, through to reports of what everybody pulled after the set comes out.

Maybe we want to keep those separate, so that artists can proudly display their offerings in the first, and not have to look to see whether people didn't like them. But one of the beauties of CardTalk is that we've gathered a good selection of both "communities" right here.

Again, it was basically a partial idea. I was hoping that somebody might come up with a follow-up that has a lot more pluses than minuses. For me, the process of breaking down boxes and listing what I pulled is separate from the process of really enjoying and then scanning the artwork. For others, the attraction is to post "take a look at what I pulled!"

For sketch-heavy sets, there really aren't many "true" breakdowns posted, versus a lot of pictures for one part of the card set. (I'm not saying those are bad!) Many of the breaks wouldn't be much use if Jon ever resurrects his box-break statistics page. Wink
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I must admit I find it a bit frustrating that sketch-heavy sets seem to only focus on the sketches and not the actual box-breakdown, as I like to see how the other "chase" sets break down. Perhaps people should remember it is a Box Breakdown section and remember to post that as well as "look at the sketch that I got"
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I don't really have a suggestion, just more commentary. I find myself posting differently in the breakdown for different types of sets:
- several boxes: I post an actual list of the chase sets by box
- case(s), nonsketch: I post chase at the case level, noting only whether I received the expected number and any distribution problems (eg got 12 but couldn't make set). I post individual lists of the autos and costumes, and will post by box if I notice a pattern (eg A and B always appear together)
- case(s), sketch: Post at the case level again but include scans of the sketches

I never scan nonsketch cards for the breakdown as they are usually scanned in an earlier post. I also find myself making comments as part of the breakdown post. These comments are along the lines of what I like and dislike about the set. They don't really belong in a 'breakdown' post but there's not really anywhere obvious to put them.

Also, I agree with OWM, I use the other forums (like favourite sketch) for individual comments. I would never post a case of sketch scans there.
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