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Killer ants
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Originally posted by Don Norton:
Very glad to hear you are still alive BCW! But really, it would have been a spectacular and memorable death if the ants HAD gotten you.

I am expectant that it will happen one day.

Wolfie: I'm sure you pine every day at my absence from this board. You can admit it, you big pus-sy cat...
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Jeff, that's amazing. This would make a good subject for a horror film.
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We may have to change this thread to something more current since news of the Killer Ants has died down.

How about Killer Bedbugs! Big Grin

I kid you not, bedbugs have been all the rage in NYC this summer and fall. People have found them in fancy hotels, movie theaters, department stores, schools, etc. You would think that a bedbug would need a bed, but apparently not. Wink

People are actually staying away from the movies because they don't want to bring any of the critters home. As if there wasn't enough to worry about. Frown
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Raven Twak Big Grin


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"nuff said"

"it traps,it kills,it eats....that's what a good spider does"
Alice Cooper
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Had to laugh when I read the headline stories on CBS News this morning . . .

"Crazy, hairy, biting ants sweep the south"

Yes, the killer ants are still going strong, and I quote (edited):

"The flea-sized critters are called crazy because each forager scrambles randomly at a speed that your average picnic ant, marching one by one, reaches only in video fast-forward. They're called hairy because of the fuzz that, to the naked eye, makes their abdomens look less glossy than those of their slower, bigger cousins.

And they're on the move in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisana. In Texas, they've invaded homes and industrial complexes, urban areas and rural areas. They travel in cargo containers, hay bales, potted plants, motorcycles and moving vans. They overwhelm beehives - one Texas beekeeper was losing 100 a year in 2009. They short out industrial equipment.

If one gets electrcuted, its death releases a chemical cue to attack to the colony . . . The other ants rush in. Before long, you have a ball of ants.

They will eat just about anything - plant or animal.

Texas has temporarily approved two chemicals in its effort to control the ants, and other states are looking at ways to curb their spread.

The hairy ants do wipe out one pest - fire ants - but that's cold comfort."

The mosquitoes that are thriving in my backyard from all the swampy weather don't look so bad now. At least they don't organize. Big Grin
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As a Brit who only even a saw fire ants (?) once in Florida, it's funny to see the hype /hysteria around ants in the USA.

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