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Richard Kiel Dies
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Sad news, Richard Kiel, the 7 foot tall actor who played Jaws in James Bond films has passed away.
He was a very kind and gentle person, very much opposite his Jaws character.
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I always loved the happy ending his Jaws character was given in "Moonraker" when the power of love turned him from evil to good, and I was happy to get a new autograph card of him as that character recently in the Topps 75th Anniversary set, so he was healthy enough to sign those just last year, which means he must have had a pretty decent quality of life up to then, at least.

I also treasure his autograph card from "Twilight Zone" from his classic episode "To Serve Man". By writing several different words underneath his signature, he was responsible for one of the first autograph variation cards collectors took notice of.

I loved him in the original "Longest Yard", too. He was hilarious in that. His tall stature made him a most unique character actor. May he rest in peace.

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Oh no! This is very sad news. Frown

I got to meet him this past spring at Monsterpalooza up in Burbank. I went down to his table early Sunday morning, right when the convention opened that day. Most people were still at breakfast so I got the chance to chat with him for a good ten minutes without interruption. I knew that I wanted him to sign a photo of himself as Kanamit from the Twilight Zone, but I was amazed looking through his stack of available photographs at just how many movies and television shows he had played in! I also got him to autograph a Moonraker poster that day.

He was a super-sweet guy and talked at length about his long career and how much he enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunities it provided for him and his family. Although he seemed in good spirits I did see him several times around the hotel restaurant, riding in a mobility scooter. It must have been difficult to move that large body of his around at that age.

RIP Richard. You were a gentleman and a kind soul. Angel


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sad news, he was a really nice guy and attended loads of shows all over the world, allways happy to sign, I hate to think how many signatures he must have done over the years.

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Very sad news.
Kiel was one of the most iconic faces of the Bond series. To reiterate what wolfie said, he was a really fun and pleasant man who had a lot of time for his fans.

The last time I saw him at a UK show was a couple years back and I was 50/50 on meeting him (skint!) but I'm very glad I did meet him and am proud to say I have a personalised auto and a photo of him "crushing" my head in his hands!

His is one of my absolute favourite full bleed autographs as well:

RIP Mr. Kiel
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Why is this the first I hear of his death? Saw nothing anywhere today, I guess the news has been filled with too much sorrow and mayham.

He did not have to act a whole lot to make an impression. The Spy Who Loved Me would not have been the same without Jaws. RIP Mr. Kiel.
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He was one of the highlights of TSWLM. I saw it three times at the theater in 1977, and liked it more with every viewing. A big loss.
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R.I.P. Frown Frown Frown

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