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Stranger Things DVD
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I haven't seen this one yet, but the first season is supposed to be released on DVD next week as a Target exclusive. At this time is doesn't seem to be available for online ordering.

I did notice some packaging that looks like 2 sets of vinyl soundtracks and, if I'm not mistaken, I see five items that look like trading cards of the main characters. So check it out if you are interested.

I have to get this one. It was made by the guys who wanted to make the IT redo, but were rejected, so they wrote this series set in 1983 with children looking for a missing friend. Sound familiar? I'm told its better than IT, but will reserve judgment until I see it. Smile
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The cards sound cool, thanks for the heads up!
Stranger Things, made by the Duffer Brothers, is like if a Stephen King story were directed by a 1980's era Steven Spielberg. It's on Netflix, so it's one of those deals where the entire season is released on the same day. Season 2 is later this month, and anticipation for it is at a fever-pitch. It is a good show.

The new "It" movies were originally going to be done by Cary Jo Fukunaga, the guy who directed the masterful "True Detective" Season 1 for HBO. He wrote it as two movies (with screenplays Stephen King himself said were very well done) only to then be told he had to do it as a single movie. Feeling that (correctly) impossible, he left the project and it went to the Muschettis, the brother and sister producer/director team responsible for the 2013 horror hit, "Mama". As they began work on it, the executive producers wisely decided, yeah, this should be two movies. (You can imagine how the Cary Jo felt when that was announced, although he at least got writing credit.)

While the Duffer Brothers would've likely delivered an excellent "It" (as no doubt Cary Jo would have), the producers still have to feel they made the right choice given the movie's enormous and continuing box-office success, exactly as-is. The sequel/finale will be even bigger. I think it was just an idea whose time had come again, and couldn't miss.

By the way, one of the kids in "It", the boy with the glasses, is named Finn Wolfhard and he also stars on "Stranger Things", although when hired for "It", the producers were unaware of his work on that as the series hadn't debuted yet.

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Wow, to get the cards you have to buy the "deluxe " album release for $47.99 + tax @ Best Buy.
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I really wanted this deluxe vinyl for this. Think they did it in 2 parts for each season?

But they were about £75 GBP + each Shake Head

And a wide variety of vinyl record colours and finishes.

The deluxe did include various exclusiv merchandise including retro style trading cards.

Wish they'd sold these separately.

Don't think an official DVD was ever released? Since it's still available for streaming on Netflix?

Excited for the prospects of the official trading card set from Topps. Hope it includes costumes and autographs and not at a ridiculously high hit rate.
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