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Richard Attenborough
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A great man, for sure. As director, he made the acclaimed biographical films about Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin plus the moving "Cry Freedom" about South African activist Steven Biko, and, being versatile, even the screen adaptation of the musical "A Chorus Line" and the creepy ventriloquist-themed psychothriller "Magic".

The leads he cast the above films were Ben Kingsley, Robert Downey Jr., Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas, and Anthony Hopkins. Either he had a knack for landing the top actors, or else they wanted to work with him, and I suspect it was the latter. Lord (his proper title, I read) Attenborough had a lot to offer in a 60+ year career on both sides of the lens, and he consistently delivered.
He will be very fondly remembered.

Everywhere around this burg they're running out of verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Everywhere around this town, they're running out of nouns.
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Well said David.
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