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Hits and Misses of 2020
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Originally posted by Tommy C:
I recently saw the 2019 animated kids' movie "Wonder Park" with the voices of Jennifer Garner and Matthew Broderick.

Very strange movie. I can see why it did not do well last year at the box up a ton of revenue.

Call of the Wild is about to be released early for streaming. This is another movie made for some unknown audience. Yes it's a classic story and it has Harrison Ford giving a nice performance, but as live action its a brutal film to watch.

Buck is the star and Buck suffers throughout. Young children and animal lovers don't want to watch non-stop misery to get to some happy part. The more realistic they make these types of tear jerker animal movies, the worst they are to sit through. Call of the Wild lost about 100M at the box office and will be one of many big losers in 2020. Good.
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They moved the new "Top Gun" film from June until December.

They also moved "Ghostbusters" to 2021.

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