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Stargate Universe Season 2 Info released
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Originally posted by Scifi Cards:

Complete Autograph List Posted on RA's Website:

•Autograph Cards (2 cards per Premium Pack)
Signers include series stars:

◦Ming-Na as Camille Wray
◦David Blue as Eli Wallace
◦Lou Diamond Phillips as Colonel David Telford
◦Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen
◦Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong
◦Brian J. Smith as Matthew Scott
◦Jamil Walker Smith as Ronald Greer
◦Louis Ferrera as Colonel Everett Young

As well as series regulars and guest stars including:
◦Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill
◦Julie McNiven as Ginn
◦Mike Dopud as Varro
◦Glynis Davies as Marian Wallace
◦Ryan Kennedy as Dr. Williams
◦Zak Santiago as Rivers
◦Sarah Mutch as Celina

Steve also played "Mr.Obvious" today on their message board saying this will be the last stand-alone Stargate Universe set. Roll Eyes

Looks like a fun set to me.


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I am buying three packs, and hopefully will be able to trade for the rest of the base set. I am really looking forward to it -- I love this show, and I am really sad to see it end.

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just found this on another site

Some quick news about our upcoming Stargate Universe Season 2 Premium Pack Trading Cards. As you know, Richard Dean Anderson agreed to sign cards for this product, which he has now done. However, we were unable to get enough of the signed SGU cards from him in order to ensure an average of 1 per box. The good news is that he signed other SG-1 cards for us that we can add to this collection, so there will still be one (or more) Richard Dean Anderson autograph cards in every box (on average). If that’s not turning lemons into lemonade, then I don’t know what is! The end result will be 2 different Richard Dean Anderson autograph cards in this product, each of which will be scarcer (and hopefully more valuable and collectible) than if we only had the one SGU autograph card. I have attached digital images of both autographs, so that you can see which ones they are and pass them along to your customers who are interested in this information. There is a small quantity still available, if you wish to place an additional order. On an even brighter note, Richard Dean Anderson signed his full name on every one of these cards! When he originally signed for us 10 years ago, he abbreviated his signature, so these new cards will be quite special for collectors!

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions. All the best!

Steven M. Charendoff
Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd.

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OMG..... I just bought P.Bronsan's Auto and Glove pieceworks That i will have to work off this month....RDA's Are twice as nice ! Thanks for that post ...Now i need to save up some more cash ....sigh This year has been Nice but costly in cards lol !
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Looks like being a really good set to do Smile
Just got Season 1 of SGU Smile
man that will kill the bank account Frown

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