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$100 million free advertising for our hobby [Avengers Spoiler Alert]
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Originally posted by Raven:
Originally posted by clearblue:
I don't know what UD could have done better!? It's a big hit. I cannot find unopened boxes at a reasonable price.

It's got lots of autographs, printing plates, an extensive relic card list, and sketch cards. The autos are overpriced cause of the market price, not because of UD.

The movie is terrific, the cards are short printed, its a big base set, many of the sketches are outstanding, all the costume inserts are nice looking, and the prices have increased. All and all, it's the best product UD has put out under the Marvel license. That said, UD should have done better on several fronts and I hope card collectors are aware of it, even while they toast the success of Avengers Assemble.

Consider that there are very few autographs here. Its one of the reasons that they are pricing so high, most boxes will contain one sketch and two costume cards. Autographs and printing plates are bonuses, when you are lucky enough to find them. Its a short list of eight signers, but only three were really made for this set. The Hemsworth, Renner and Smulders are from this movie. Hemsworth signed stickers, so even they might have been held over from his Thor inventory and put on the new cards.

The autographs for Feore, Elba, Dennings and Alexander are on Thor cards and really should belong to that set. The Ricci belongs to the Captain America set. I don't think that any of these actors appear in the Avengers film, but I didn't see it yet. It is my understanding that all of the autographs were supposed to have been too late for the original products. Now there are a lot of discounted Thor boxes and really discounted Captain America boxes lying around. Good thing that these autographs were available for use, since only 3 new Avenger signatures would have been on board without them. Wink

I don't mind giving UD credit where credit is due. This release is a very big success, but that's because the movie is great and the product got pumped up following the lesser Marvel movie cards for Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. One hit every 4th time does not make for a winning model, but that is the history so far.

Don't forgot Comic Panels cut from a comic book valued in the $1000s! I'm surprised at the lack of hype/popularity of these. They're tough pulls too as I've broken about 40 boxes and only pulled one. I can see UD scrapping the Comic Panel insert but we'll see... personally, I hope they don't!

And, printing plates are a "hit" so you would get a plate, costume (single or dual), and sketch with a chance at a panel or auto.
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