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Topps purchased by Fanatics

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January 04, 2022, 05:34 AM
Scifi Cards
Topps purchased by Fanatics
It appears Topps has been purchased by Fanatics.

WSJ Article

For those that don't like to click...

It appears Topps was worth $500 million.
Includes Sports AND Entertainment divisions.
Does not include the candy division.

So, once the deal is finalized, Fanatics is instantly in the card business. No huge growing pains or new "brands" to follow.

This means the Star Wars and GPK cards will be from Fanatics as well.

Interesting take from the article is that Topps only employs 350 people. The must outsource a tonne of the design and writing.

Only time will tell if this is a good move for non-sport. Will Fanatics even care about that division?


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January 04, 2022, 05:55 AM
Electrawoman Cards f/k/a jane
Hmmmm, that’s all I can say about that. Hmmm.

Anne Welles - "You've got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls."

January 04, 2022, 09:25 AM
That was fast, I thought TOPPS would have tried to consolidate around Star Wars and GPK with other titles coming in, at least make an attempt you know. I guess they had no one willing to pass up the easy solution in uncertain times.

Personally it doesn't matter to me because I have bought almost nothing from TOPPS in the last 6 years, but it gives a brand new player a monopoly and they have no competition to make them do any better or put any more into it than they feel like doing. Frown
January 04, 2022, 11:22 AM
Originally posted by Scifi Cards:
It appears Topps has been purchased by Fanatics.

WSJ Article

For those that don't like to click...

Thanks, Ed -- I appreciate the summary I don't have a subscription so I can't read the article.

I would have guessed Topps had way fewer employees. Of course I have no idea what they do in house.

My initial gut reaction was that Fanatics bought the entertainment division because they wanted it. . . Topps has a lot of valuable IP in their GPK / Wacky brands (probably others too), so I have to imagine Topps wouldn't have just given that away if Fanatics didn't want it. Hopefully that means good things for the hobby. If Fanatics can increase awareness and availability in entertainment cards I think that's a win.

It will be interesting for sure. . .
January 04, 2022, 04:27 PM
Tommy C
You can also read about it for free here