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Sketch Card Artist Robert Aragon
It is with great sadness that I have been asked by Robert Aragon to announce that he is no longer going to be working on any sketch card projects. I saw his post on my Facebook timeline and had a chat with him as he was online at the time. Here is his post reproduced in full:

"Dear kids of all ages!
I wanted to let everyone know I entered a new phase in my work and I will no longer be creating new MONSTROUS work or prints of any kind OR be doing ANY shows regarding the monster aspect of my career.
I shall be focusing all the energy on my children's book and character "A Tiny Teddy named Cuds" and his literary adventures.
I just found a small batch of convention monstrous prints. These are 11 x 14 and I will be posting them up on my facebook artist Robert Aragon page,
very soon and they will be for sale.
After they are gone, they ARE gone!
I started my "monstrous" Career over 20 years now and I think I've added all I could to the genre.
I truly never felt that I repeated myself or have been stagnant, but, I'm afraid I've accomplished all that I set out to do and much more.
If a truly unique opportunity arises, (which I doubt), I may return just for that one project.
Until then, I say, THANKS so very much for all your support and love.
Hugs and love back at you,

I think this is a great shame as I have many of Roberts cards in personal collection and feel that him leaving the world of sketch cards will be a great loss. I shall treasure them all the more now.

So long and thanks for all the cards Rob!
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This is really sad news, I am currently collecting the Art of Robert Aragon set and it is one of my favourite sets.

I can only wish him well in his future.

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It is Sad News but also Great News...

Sad that he will be leaving the "Sketch" world but Great that is going to do something he loves.

Mr. Aragon did some incredible work...

I wish him luck with his new adventure!

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He is a class act in all respects!

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