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Heston signatures not real?
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Please read this blog it appears that most Charlton Heston sold signatures are not real! The Cards sold by topps from the movie seem to be ALL REAL Upperdeck and at least one Breygent card are secretarials! Folks this is a real bombshell in the autograph community!

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Wow, that's bad news. Having read the entry I have to say I think he is right. The signatures are different, and consistently so over time. PSA DNA... Opinions but with a sticker!

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Let's face it, unless you stand in front of the person and watch them sign your item at a show etc then you will never know 100% that the thing you have is genuine.

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i have the auto cards in question. i also met charlton and his wife when she was in theater in the uk a long time ago and the auto`s are very simmilar to the originals i got in person.
i had a programe and a planet of apes card signed.
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Autos through the mail should always be treated with some scepticism because, like wolfie says, unless you seem them do it you'll never know for sure.

As for trading cards... we have to put our faith in the hands of the manufacturer but we can get some peace of mind from knowing that if these celebrity's don't provide their authentic signatures they will be in breach of contract.

Based on the blog, all of Heston's POA cards from Topps seem legit so thankfully this is not much of a bombshell for the card collecting community.
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Checked out my PLANET OF THE APES auto and it looks very close to the "in person" signature, so I guess it's real - I hope!
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I have two signatures of Gene Roddenberry in my collection. One came with an avidavit from a guy and his lawyer (He worked at aa law firm) and one from someone who went to the same college as I (at the same time) who cliamed to ahve gotten it in person. Both were later determined to be fakes...well secreatial ssignautres. THe lawyer one cost me $$, the college one broke my heart as I had gotten attached to it. But, it's amazing the stories people will tell to confirm something's authenticity.

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