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Upcoming Rittenhouse Releases
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Rittenhouse updated their release schedule. Discovery moved back a couple months and Picard Season 1 is now 2021. But there were several new additions as well:

Release Schedule for upcoming
Rittenhouse Archives Products

Twilight Zone - Archives 2020 Edition (June 24, 2020)
Umbrella Academy Season One Trading Cards (July 29, 2020)
Star Trek Discovery Season Two Trading Cards (November 2020)
Game of Thrones: The Complete Series Trading Cards (December 2020)
The Orville Season Two Trading Cards (Fall 2020)
Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Trading Cards (2021)
Lost In Space (Netflix) Season Two Trading Cards (2021)
Twin Peaks (2021)
Women of Star Trek: Art and Images Trading Cards (2021)

* Release schedule subject to change without notice

Lost in Space surprises me. I didn't think the first season cards were well received.

Glad to see the Art and Images line dusted off. I just hope the Women of Trek can include some new blood so it does not look just like the previous sets.


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Orville is the surprise for me. That set became quickly well know for being 80% unintelligible bit-parter scribbles, and 20% unbuyable main cast. I always thought if they ever did a second set, it would be predominantly made up of the same signers on a different card design, and released in a premium pack format. So I guess that's still a likely scenario.

Also got to say that only one brand new license over the course of the next two years is pretty poor. I know Trek fans will be excited for a Picard set because it might finally have a few different signers in it, but I'm sure they're equally prepared for most of those to be absurdly limited and expensive, which I should imagine tempers their excitement somewhat.
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Umbrella Academy is still on the horizon for my wife and daughter. Right before school begins again, end of summer treat.
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Only the Star Trek products generate a little interest for me and that will depend on the autographs.

Twin Peaks, The Orville and Lost In Space are dead titles for me. I never saw the Umbrella Academy, so I'm not there either.

Now Twilight Zone and Game of Thrones were big titles for me for years, but I'm tired. They are coming too fast and the whole scripted inscriptions thing feels like its the end. What's left? More cut signatures? More dual signatures? Dual signatures with inscriptions? More sketches maybe, or prop cards.

Its generally good to increase the supply of decent hits, but it becomes dilution once the demand has been met. New signers in Twilight Zone are difficult to include because of its age and the fact that many actors have passed on. The few they have found in recent sets sold pretty cheap. GoT already has an abundance of autographs from everyone except for Clark, Christie and Maddan, and the handful of featured actors who never signed like Rigg, McShann and Cunningham. No reason to think RA will get anyone of those now unless they go the cut route.

Wish I could get behind these titles more, but only a nice price cut or more than 2 autographs per box is going to do it for my old favorites.
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I have been a big fan of the Rittenhouse Twilight Zone sets from the very beginning in 1999. These sets got me back into the hobby after a long hiatus.

But - is it just me, or is this 2020 edition a bit underwhelming?
Looking at the checklist, the best thing is the 64 card base set (which finishes the portfolio cards that was the best thing in the 2019 set). Then we've got 156 parallels of the same thing? Sure, I'd like a cut Rod Serling booklet with Shatner but what are the odds with a box? So for the first time I will be getting no boxes of TZ. Heck, I can get pre-sale of the base set for $5 ( and $6.99 shipping) on ebay right now.

Maybe for 3 or 4 autographs it might be worth it but for close to a hundred bucks for 2, I'm out.

I really don't want to trash Rittenhouse, they are a great company with great products. This one just missed for me.

I will be very curious to see how well this one sells.

Am I missing something?
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Thanks for the update!

I really only care about Star Trek cards (unless we get an SG-1 25th anniversary set in 2022??), and I have to say that I am really hoping the 2021 Women of Star Trek will be better than 2017. With WOST 50th I wonder if an actual woman looked at the cards before they were made. Seriously. Ninety-two percent of the base set is looking at women through the lens of their relationship with a man. It's not Women of Star Trek, it's Relationships of Star Trek or Male Fantasies of Star Trek.

I sincerely hope for a set which actually celebrates the female characters for themselves.
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Originally posted by JMH710:
(unless we get an SG-1 25th anniversary set in 2022??)

Ohh, that would be cool.

I love RA products. I can't buy them locally, which is a huge bummer. I wish they had an electronic platform like Upper Deck.
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I am still pretty new to cards, but I do like RA most of the time. I see other cards like Marvel and think it's a good thing RA has the Star Trek license because their cards tend to be nicer. The Women of Star Trek 50th is an exception, but I don't mean to hate on the whole company, which seems like one of the better ones from what I can tell.

Here's hoping for the SG-1 25th anniversary set!

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