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Shipping packages with cards...
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This probably would have been better in Chatter, but I feel many visitors just see the first screen and don't scroll down to the other forums.

Looking for opinions on packaging cards.

It's currently in vogue to have branded packaging. Amazon does it and eBay does it as well. I'm looking at packaging with my logo and website on it. But... Should I?

Does branded packaging make packages more of a theft target? Or are cards not really that big of a target anyway?

It's not as obvious as a customs form with items and values on them, and we are forced to do them. Does anyone care if a package comes from SciFi Cards?

Part of me says it's all vanity. But another part says people will see the package and think "I can't wait to open that!"

So do you think it makes packages a target for theft?
Does it increase the excitement of having a "mail day?"

Curious to know what people here think, as we all probably order a few packages every now and then.


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A little sticker with SciFi cards wuld be nice
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I get about 6 to 10 card deliveries a week straight to my mailbox and branding has not caused any sort of loss or theft issue in my case. Just like other branded packages, the value of a card shipment can range from a few dollars to a several hundred. Seems that knowing how much it is insured for would be more valuable information in the theft department.

Seems to me that branding is more for you as the business. Putting something out there that draws more customers to your product. Seeing a brand in my mailbox only helps me to know what is in that particular package. It doesn't really make any difference in my mail opening experience or create any sense of loyalty.

With that said, given some of the recent crazy prices in sports cards, should we have another card boom, removing the branding practice might be something to consider.
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Most branding is just vanity to me. I don't like to pay my money to wear someone else's name or logo and give them free publicity. When its discreet it's one thing and when its a walking billboard its another. Labels belong on the inside unless you need to show off.

As far as packaging goes, if you are sending by ordinary USPS shipping I really wouldn't want my orders to stand out. Not saying anyone would target cards or any other type of merchandise really, but why give them more opportunity to suspect what's inside. As the seller, if its going straight by UPS or Fedex and won't wind up at the PO on the back end, then I would feel the branding probably wouldn't present any greater risk.

As the buyer, I don't care as long as its securely packed. It wouldn't increase my excitement, I already know who sent it. Wink
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I've had instances of items sent to me without any indication who it's from - no branding/invoice/delivery note/return address.
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I think you should put nothing on the front that will give any indication of what is inside.

SciFi Cards on it is a dead giveaway.

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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I definitely would not put any branding on the outside of a package. Most likely nothing bad will happen if you do, but still - to me it increases the chances.
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Hi Ed,

If it costs more money to put your logo on the box, I wouldn't do it. Most of the time, I already know what's inside if it's a small packet (cards) or a medium-sized box (book).

Mykdude made a good point. If cards are seen as something more valuable now, a box that clearly says "Sci-Fi Cards" might be more at risk of theft than a nondescript box now. If a thief has to choose from a group of boxes at a glance, yours might be one he grabs.

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for International shipping I do not think it matters as there is enough information already on the labels etc,
I have never had a parcel go missing late but it eventually turns up .
Domestic shipping I am not sure according to blowout forums it seems that nearly every second parcel goes missing or is late .
But these are sports cards wich most people think are worth a lot of money regardless of what is in the parcel
If you want to go down that road try it out on your International customers first and see how it goes
But personally it dose not matter to me as with other members I know who it is from and what its contents are.
Are you thinking of a sticker type of label like your promo cards.
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NSU Writer
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Frankly Ed, I think you should just keep on doing what you are doing. Of all the dealers, you go above and beyond with unique promos, the Sci Fi Cards tote bags and you've had pens with your brand on it too. The cards will be collected, and the bags and pens are used, making them great promotional items.
A special Sci Fi Cards box would only add more cost to you. When we get a package in the mail, we can see your return address and know what it is. The mail carrier doesn't care if there's a neat logo on the box, which will only be recycled.
As to theft, someone I know who worked in the postal business used to scold me for using the smallest white cardboard boxes for mailing cards, because they could easily be slipped in a pocket.
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It seems unlikely that branding would make a package much more targeted for theft, after all your return address is on the package anyway, so someone could be checking for return addresses if they were really looking to steal cards.

Personally I don't need branded packaging. I know everything that I'm shipping to myself.
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