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My Favorite sets.
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So the culling is done. I now have the sets that I am going to keep. It was a long process. Amazingly it was a little emotionally draining. In the next few weeks I will put the rest up for trade. I would note that a few things: I kept the Angel foil inserts and autos but dropped the sets. I kept other insets as well and will put the others up in trade at some point in time.

In no particular order.
Smallville 1 to 6 (Inkworks)
Smallville 7-10 set (Cryptozoic)
Looney Tunes Back in Action (Inkworks)
Big Bang theory season 1/2, 3/4, 5 (Cryptozoic)
Greg Hildebrandt I and II, Tim Hildebrandt, the Brother Hildebrandt, Brother Hildebrandt Separate and Together, Best of Hildebrandt (Comic Images)
Joe Chido (Wildstorm)
Robots (Inkworks)
Disney Treasures I to IV, Disneyland 50th(Upperdeck)
Lion King I and II, Snow White I and II, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules (Skybox)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Skybox)
Nightmare Before Christmas (NECA)
Corpse Bride (NECA)
Little Mermaid and beauty and Beasty (Proset)
Marvel Kree Skrull War, 2015 Fleer Marvel Retro (Upper Deck) Marvel Masterpieces I to V, Women of Marvel 1 and 2 (Rittenhouse) Marvel Flair both years)X-men(Impel) X-men (Skybox) Fleer Ultra X-men 94 to 96
DC Sandman (Skybox)
DC Vertigo (Skybox)
DC Death of Superman and Return of Superman (Skybox)
Topps Star Wars Original Trilogy Movies
Star Wars (all five series)
Empire Strikes Back (All three series)
Return of the Jedi (Both Series)
Star Wars Chrome Archives (Topps)
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (Topps) regular size)
Star Trek Animated Adventures (Rittenhouse)
Star Trek DS9 Premier, Memories from the Future Complete, Quotable (Skybox/Rittenhouse)
Star Trek 30th Phase I, II, III (Skybox)
Monroe I and II (Sports Time)
The Best of the Saint (Cards Inc)
Vampirella (2 topps sets 2 Breygent sets)
Red Dwarf (Futura)
Buffy:TVS Evolution and Women of (Inkworks)
Gilmore Girls Stickers 1 and 2
Disney's The Black Hole (Topps)
E.T (Topps)

My wife
The Dead Zone (Rittenhouse)
Six Feet Under (Rittenhouse
Downton Abbey (Cryptozoic)

My son
Harry Potter (all sets)Wizards of the coast 1 set and then Artbox for all the rest
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Artbox)
ICarly (Topps)
Walking Dead 1,2,3.1, 3.2 (Crytozoic)
Superman Returns (Topps)
Marvel's Agents of Shield (Rittenhouse)

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You did well identifying that many you wanted to keep. I like your reasoning, that you enjoy looking at those cards.

I went the other way. I decided to mostly keep stuff I am still collecting because the collecting is more fun to me than the 'having'. So that's Warehouse 13, Continuum, and some sketch sets only. Very small.

This means I have already got rid of my Stargate and will break up my DC as well as getting rid of the various miscellaneous stuff I have picked up along the way. I still haven't decided whether to keep the really special parts of the DC collection (like the Superman red holo set) and favourite autographs - I do enjoy looking at them, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed putting them together. On the other hand, breaking it up will give someone else a chance to enjoy them too, though I'm not sure how much fun it is to pick up complete sets.

Good luck with your trading, you should have lots of stuff to fill the holes in the sets you have decided to keep.
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If that's what you're keeping, how much is going? Eek

Seriously though, good luck with the culling. I streamlined a few years back and am much happier for it. I would love to get rid of more, but I love too much stuff.

Sometimes I think of losing some base sets but then I look at my mint rack-pack sets of Empire Strikes Back Series 1 & 2 and their sentimental vintage value means far more to me than the relatively small amount I'd get for selling them. Same with plenty of other stuff. Sometimes it is easier to justify selling the rarer stuff!
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In 35 years off collecting you tend to pick up a lot when you really look at it. I picked up a box of every Inkworks product except the first few. I had a comic book shop in the early 90's that had a 10 dollar box table. Almost all your Comic Images and Skybox products ended up there. Then for several years I owned a comic book shop. So, it just added up over time.
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Kinda hard to figure out what my favourite set is, you go crazy over one tv show ands its cards, but after that in kind of wanes off! My favourite card set, of which I still do not have a full set, is the Donruss Space 1999 set! I have the 2 eagles I bought a couple of years ago, was nuts about the show when I was a kid, still have a soft spot for the show I guess!
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Mine is simple.

Roger Dean FPG 1993.

I love his artwork.
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One of my all-time favorite sets is THE COMPLETE JAMES BOND.
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Nice to see you finally got the list down!

For me Charmed will always the heart and core of my trading card set.

I've had numerous complete and incomplete 'satellite' sets I've collected from all sorts of topics over the years.

I did grow tired though - for example I got into film sets a while back but once the film was no longer big I lost interest pretty fast.

Sort of beat myself up thinking I could have put the money towards to Charmed sets instead.

Anyhow now I mostly collect autographs and costume cards from various sets. I rare go near base sets now unless it's a TV show/Film etc that I honestly feel I will still have a strong affinity for an interest in X years down the line.

It's nice too to know for certain what you do or don't have (want/need) rather than looking at a binder knowing there's 'various card sets' in there and thinking ???? yeah but what??

Makes me truly appreciate picking up a card or two I've really longed (and saved) for rather than stacks of sets I couldn't name on sight, sat there collecting dust.
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