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Ultra Pro Pages
So I ran out of Platinum pro pages. I usually have a box or two on hand for any set that might come up but some how I forgot to get more. In a pinch I've bought the 65 page pack that you find a Target. In the past I've noticed a little difference but today I bought a package and noticed a huge difference. The pages are much thinner and they seem to wrinkle very easily. So I'm now going to use they until I can get a box of the Platinum. But now I'm worried that they will be a cheaper product also. Any one else notice this?

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Yes, I also go a package from Target and they were really flimsy, poor quality. I hope this is just Target and not the norm, I want the better pages for my collection.

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They are probably using the Silver pages that Ultra-Pro makes. Anything to keep the price of the product down. I've been told the same thing about the pages in the Collector's Binder they sell with pages at Wal-Mart.

There is no real substitute for Ultra Pro Platinum pages, everything else I've ever tried has been inferior.


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