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Land of The Giants
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Hello, I joined because I have many cards that came to me thru family. I have a 1968 Topps land of the Giants complete set, with checklist, I am told it is rare, is this true, please help
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Welcome to the board.

Your set is rare, but as with all collectibles, the condition the cards are in will go a long way to determining the value. Many of these cards were miscut so they are off center. How badly off center means a great deal. The more evenly centered the cards are, the better. Also, if they are free of bends/creases and have sharp edges and corners, that will certainly enhance their value. Finally, if the checklist is unmarked, that is a far more desirable card than one that has been marked.

This is from the Irwin Allen Network website:

"The 1968 Topps cards for Land of the Giants were a TEST issue where Topps tested these cards in limited stores in a limited number of cities. If a test issue sold well Topps would mass produce them, but if not, they would pull them from the shelves and cut their losses. The Land of the Giants test issue is apparently one of the titles that didn't sell too well and quickly got taken from production, leaving very few cards and packs in existence.

The 55 card Topps set is similar to the set produced for regular release in the UK by the A&BC company, but the cards were a slightly different size with the front pictures in a different order. Cards #1-44 have comic strips on the backs and #45-54 have poster pieces to make a giant poster. #55 has a checklist on the back.

Here's a handy link to a page that shows the checklists for both sets so you can be sure of exactly which one you have. Both sets would be hard to find, but the U.S. test issue is almost certainly the more valuable of the two. There is also some pricing information included on this same page.

Whatever version you have, it is a very nice find. The Irwin Allen produced TV shows of the 1960's are very fondly remembered and have a lot of collectors.


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Here's some info you may be interested in...

Has the Topps set got the puzzle picture? If memory serves me, it was the same image as the Aurora model kit box - a giant python appearing over the Spindrift.
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Thanks for the info, Sorry I didn't answer sooner had to take the kids for pizza. The set is in good condition all cards are present and the checklist is unmarked. I also have a a 1951 Howdy Doody magic card set with the cards still attacked, meaning 21 sets of 2. I just don't no the value of all the stuff I have, thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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Wow - A full set? - how lucky - yes very rare- a test set like this was many times a regional affair - there really wasn't a national test procedure - I have maybe a dozen - really hard stuff to find - congrats
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Hello Allourkids:

Non-Sport Update runs auctions. Would you be interested in auctioning off your items? We would love to talk to you about it. If you are interested, please email us or call. My email address is in my forum profile (click my ID to the left and then click on view profile) and the phone number is on our website.


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