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Postage rates
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Key Highlights or Changes:
Starting at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, April 10, 2016:

The average rate decreases for USPS products include:
First-Class Mail® decreasing by 4.1%First-Class Mail International® decreasing by 3.8%
So, rates on market dominant products will go down approximately 4.3% in April?

Yes, they are supposed to. However, the USPS is still fighting. There is legislation pending to try and make the Exigent Rate Increase a permanent rate increase.

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The USPS drops are nothing. Last time I checked not every service receive a discount.

Any "veteran" seller know that when the USPS begin their big increases years ago. It can't be stop. It was surprise after surprise. The USPS can drop some prices in April, but then next October the will begin their complot for the increases in January 2017.

Not all "veteran" sellers will drop prices so easy. Not every seller decide their S&H prices/cost with a random number. Some of us, we took serious time analyzing and changing it.
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