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Storing all your cards - Binders, Boxes, etc..

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March 25, 2014, 01:37 PM
Storing all your cards - Binders, Boxes, etc..
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but how does everybody store all their cards. Do you put them all in binders. I know some sets have official binders. Do you purchase a binder for all sets that have them. For other sets do you use generic binders. What about things like promo cards, or the occasional random pack.

Do they all go into binders, or are they stored in bags, old shoe boxes, or just stacked up around the house? I have a whole bunch of random cards and am trying to decide what to do with them. Buying lots of binders and binder sheets can start to get expensive.

For cards in binders, do you leave blank spaces for missing cards? With all the Autos, Sketches, Parallels, and chase cards, most of my binder sheets would end up be 1/4 to 1/2 empty.

Would love to hear what all you small to medium individual collectors do.
March 25, 2014, 04:02 PM
For myself, I have cards stored in multiple ways. My Smallville collection are all in their official binders with the costume cards promos, then inserts then set in the pages. Same with anyother set I feel I will look at a lot.

I store all my autos in PC1 snap holders. They are in three row boxes. Sets that I have picked up over the years are also in boxes.
March 25, 2014, 07:47 PM
My primary interest is in certified autograph cards, so all that fit are kept in 9 pocket pages in binders. A file them alphabetically by last name, so that way I can find the signatures of any person quite easily.

I do leave open pockets every couple of pages so that new cards can be sorted in. I find rotating the cards is a good way to ensure that they are not being damaged by the Ultra Pro Platinum pages. I know that there have been concerns about autographs in pages, but I have had some for literally decades and the only damage I have ever personally experienced involved cards with ultra high gloss fronts and those were not autographed. Of course you must maintain the binders at moderate room temperatures without dampness.

I also keep all sketches and normal sized relic cards in binders, but these are grouped by set. I don't have nearly as many sketches and they are all within the last ten years or so, but again they seem fine in Ultra Pro Platinum pages.

For the sets, which I do keep, I get the small plastic boxes or the large cardboard ones.

I put the thick cards that don't fit in regulation 9 pockets in either 4 pocket pages or in separate plastic boxes.

I don't use the penny sleeves, although many collectors feel better if they double it up.

I try to keep my collection neat and keep it easy to find cards, however the cards have spread to several different locations over the years and my space is dwindling just like every other card collector. Big Grin
March 26, 2014, 03:28 AM
For me everything but everything goes into an Ultra-Pro Platinum. I have never had a problem with this product and would have no hesitation recommending it to everyone (are you listening Ultra-Pro? Cheques (and checks) can be sent to my home address)
Seriously, they satisfy all of my storage needs.
5,000 ct boxes take care of my spares (I have around 12 of them). In fact the only thing that I don't keep in Ultra-Pro is the really odd ball stuff that is over-sized. I'm inclined to either store them in comic sleeves (with a card)or (horrors!) they kick around in an odd-balls box until such time as I can think of what to do with them. I mean what to you actually do with CD shaped cards, Pepsi Tall Boy and Frighteners postcard sized inserts??

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March 26, 2014, 06:31 AM
Ultra Pro Platinum 9 pockets pages for me or for any wide vision sets the 6 pocket pages plus a few other 3d ring binder pages for other sized cards and sell sheets.

Binders I use are either the official ones for the set or white 3 d ring binders however for the sets without binders I am upgrading my white binders to the Ultra Pro binders as they seem a bit smarter.

I store all my boxes flat packed in binders too in either Ultra Pro 1 pocket A4 pages or Max Pro 1 pocket pages. Packets are kept with the set in 9 pocket pages although I do have to fold them a bit.
March 26, 2014, 10:25 AM
Binders, Binders, Binders. I put everything in Binders organized by similarities; Marvel, DC, TV Shows, etc. Promos go in the first page, then the set, then the chase cards. Last year I started getting the official binders, but I only do that for sets I really like or if I can get a good deal. Otherwise I've had a lot of luck finding D-ring binders at thrift shops and garage sales. And I have to agree that Ultra Pro Platinum 9 pocket pages are the way go, they can cost a little bit so I get them when I can afford to.

For my sketches I recently got some of the screw down holders and have been hanging them up using double sided mounting squares. Autograph cards I keep in the binders, although I'm currently looking into ways to display them.
March 26, 2014, 11:58 AM
Thanks for the reply's. I am currently going through all my odds and ends (Promo Cards, random packs of set I pick up at Walmart or Target). Going to put them all in binders - Guess I will be picking up some Ultra Pro 9 pockets at the Philly Show. Still thinking of what to do will all my extra base cards. Will look to pick up some cardboard boxes as well just to get them all stored in a neat way. I am a bit crazy, and have to keep all my extra cards in numbered order.
March 27, 2014, 10:41 AM
I keep my sets in Ultra Pro 9 pocket pages. My autograph and costume cards are stored in toploader binders. The are little expensive but if your going to put money into them. I feel that its worth making sure the stored as safe as possible.
I just wish the toploader pages would work in regular binders. That way the fit in the set binders.

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March 27, 2014, 03:37 PM
I'm kinda surprised to see so many people that store their cards in binders.

I have too many to put in binders. Most of my cards of value are in top loaders or one touch cases now. Then they are placed and stored in storage boxes. It's the most efficient and compact way for me to store cards and it keeps natures elements like dust and sunlight away from them.
March 27, 2014, 04:17 PM
Clear Blue

Have you seen the toploader binders. That is what I use and love them. The protection of a toploader with the ease of being able to look at them of a binder.

Collecting Strickly Ink Dr Who autographs and sets. I have traded with bwilson ,BillyZee,STCardGeek,
March 27, 2014, 08:15 PM
Yes. I have some. They ARE expensive. I just don't think they're quite as practical. I love pulling cards out of a box every few months to admire them. As close as I can get to handling a card without pulling it out of a sleeve or case or binder. More so than anything though, I just think it's more efficient in terms of space and cost effective to store in a box.
March 27, 2014, 09:50 PM
The problem I have with screw downs, hard plastic single card boxes etc, etc is how can you look at the cards? I can pull any of my 180+ binders off the shelf and simply flip the pages to admire the set (something I do regularly too!!). You simply cannot do that with individually encased cards.
The other thing of course is that I believe some of us can get a teensy bit paranoid about the security of our valuable cards. I truly believe that any single cards slipped into an Ultra-Pro page and then into a Collectors binder will be completely safe. One must ensure of course that there is no excessive light or that the room doesn't overheat. But making sure that all cards are first put into penny sleeves before going into a page pocket is like wearing belt and braces with your one-sies.

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March 28, 2014, 10:18 AM

I'd never heard of the toploader binders before so I checked them out. A bit pricey but I totally see the allure. I think I'll be getting one as soon as I can afford to!
March 30, 2014, 07:28 AM
It depends...

For my own collections, they all go in maps with `sleeve pages` (those ultra pro thingies, not sure how it is actually called) if it are the `flatter` collectible card game cards, or in those stronger Ultra Pro Pro Binders for trading cards (not making commercials for Ultra pro, it is just the only brand I can get down here).

For doubles, in case of CCGs the rares and promos and the likes go in maps, the commons and uncommons in cardboard storage boxes (until they become so much I carry them to the yearly flea market), while actual trading cards tend to go in the 10 page books for ccgs and the likes I picked up over the years.

I do leave blank spaces for where missing cards have to go as a quick way to oversee what I miss (if I can track down a checklist, it goes before the set), all separeted with a boxed art and a booster packaging before each set.

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March 30, 2014, 01:10 PM
Originally posted by AWR:
Still thinking of what to do will all my extra base cards. Will look to pick up some cardboard boxes as well just to get them all stored in a neat way. I am a bit crazy, and have to keep all my extra cards in numbered order.

I keep complete spare base sets wrapped. Cut up a comic sleeve and you have two pieces of archive safe plastic, each of which will wrap a standard set. Spare base singles are in a card box in number order with labels separating sets.

Like most others, my actual collection is in binders.
March 30, 2014, 07:59 PM
My main collection is in binders, usually generic ones, although I have some that were made for certain sets.
I keep most extra sets in team bags, and tend to trade or sell those.
50 card sets will fit in one, 100 card sets in two, and so on. They are cheap and self sealing, so no tape needed, and you can use the larger size team bags (or graded card bags) for widevision sets in the same way.
Some sets that I like having more than one of, I keep in the white boxes usually between the 500 count and 1000 count versions.
Near sets and duplicates of sets I hope to finish I keep in 3,200 or 5,000 count boxes.
Extra chase cards I keep in the two or three row card shoeboxes since the wider and higher rows allow protective materials of various sizes around the cards. Oversized cards are kind of all over, but I'm working on a better way to store them.
Unsorted regular sized cards I usually keep in the display boxes until I get a chance to sort them out. I have a lot of empty display boxes and those are stored folded, with comic book bags as protection in larger cardboard boxes.

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April 03, 2014, 02:20 AM
Just like most folks, I keep my cards in Ultra Pro Platinum pages in binders. I like to use Unikeep binders because they close tight and completely enclose the pages.

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April 03, 2014, 02:57 PM
I used official binders for my master sets.
Have used general brand binders and ultra pro folders for other base sets or chase cards.
Then for the over spill as a cheaper form of storage I used ultra pro deck boxes that work just as well. Can save a bit more than buying a new binder and box of folders every time.