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July 07, 2018, 10:28 AM
Advice from fellow collectors
For various reasons, current disability,my pack rat tendencies and no one I know would want them, I'm looking to get rid of a lot of my trading cards and promos. It would take to much effort to sell them, so I thought I would slowly give them away.

I made up 1 box of firefly/serenity/Lost and other and posted it on the set building forum. All the person getting the box would have to pay is the shipping. When I made up the box, I tried to make sure what was in the box would cover the cost of postage and listed those items. But there are also other items in the box. Note anyone who wants to see the sketch card, email me. I had only 1 inquiry, but that person is in Canada. I'm only shipping in the US.

Is there a better forum to list it? I had planned once this box was gone to do the following theme boxes(1 box at a time):

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spike, Vampire Diaries, Firefly, Serenity, Firefly the verse
Harry Potter, Veronica Mars

Depending on the box, it might include costume cards, autograph cards, prop cards and empty box and empty pack.

My plan was once this box was gone to start the next box.

It was depressing enough that no one would want my collection once I'm dead.(hopefully not in a long time). But its really depressing that not even collectors want it.
July 07, 2018, 09:05 PM
I do hate that you are not doing well. I found that when people post in the main trading section that people usually say they will accept something. When you get around to your Harry Potter cards, I will gladly take it all off your hands. These cards were the sets that my son and I had the most fun working on and at the same time one of the most incomplete due to the volume of cards there were.
July 07, 2018, 11:25 PM
I'm very sorry to hear about this. I hope things get better.

The most active non-sport card forum I am aware of is

There are also a number of Facebook groups that deal with non-sport cards.

I am pretty sure on both that forum as well as Facebook you can upload pictures directly to the form and not have to host them elsewhere.

Good luck!
July 08, 2018, 03:28 AM
Heroes For Hire
Sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully, things get better for you soon.
As for the cards, I don't look in the set building forum. Generally, I stick to the general discussions of the card and magazine topics. Maybe others have similar habits. I used to collect Buffy/Angel cards (long story why I don't have them anymore) and would be interested if others haven't expressed interest.
July 08, 2018, 12:14 PM
Originally posted by Scorpiovamp:
It was depressing enough that no one would want my collection once I'm dead.(hopefully not in a long time). But its really depressing that not even collectors want it.

Sorry to read your post, hope you feel better soon.

I understand your disappointment, but its probably less that collectors don't want your cards and more that they already may have them. Card collectors that have chosen those older titles to follow have likely already accumulated the sets and most of the hits. The gaps are for the rarer and more expensive cards. Those would be easy to sell if you had them, but you probably don't. I do hope you have sufficiently evaluated your cards to make sure of what you are holding, just in case.

People that don't have those cards now are just likely not to be interested in the titles from the start. Ideally giving then to a rookie card collector would be great.

As a collector of autograph cards I can tell you that even a common certified autograph card is worth $2 at minimum, but you may still not be able to find anyone who wants it. I would be willing to spend $2 on any certified autograph card myself, but I would not want any duplicates of commons I already have. That's the rub, I have quite a lot of cheap autographs that I got in not so cheap boxes. Big Grin

If you ever compile a list of spare autograph cards, I would certainly look at it. Lots of luck. Smile
July 10, 2018, 07:25 PM
Thanks for all the well wishes and advice. I had lots of offers and I contacted someone on the trading forum and he got a lot of my Buffy and other cards. I sent another box yesterday of Firefly/serenity. I have 3 more on the list. After that Heroesforhire and barobehere will be hearing from me.