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topps no reply
well its only been since 2011 when I tried to redeem my topps alan & ginter redemption.
still no sign of any thing now there not even answering the last two e-mails to customer services ?has any one else waited as long ?
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That's what I hate about redemptions. I sometimes wonder if they ever intend to honor some redemptions. Also redemptions on sketches should not be allowed anytime, manufacturers can decide who gets the best sketches.

After waiting that long what is Topps excuse?
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Upper deck did this to me once. I never received anything and finally they said, "Too much time at passed since I sent it in." When I confronted them on the phone about it was not my fault they failed to honor their commitment I got a basketball autograph card. It was a joke.
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The same thing happened to me with the 2011 Topps American Pie set. I made multiple calls before I was finally told that they weren't going to be able to make the cards. The customer service rep asked me what I might like as a replacement, so I asked for a non-sport card.

A few weeks later, I received a Gary Carter sticker auto (deceased member of the New York Mets). It was specifically produced as a replacement card (not part of any set). I was really angry and sent an e-mail to Topps, complaining that a replacement card for a non-sport set shouldn't be a sports card. A few more weeks went by before I received an Allen & Ginter memorabilia card from someone who was on Dancing with the Stars.

I've said this on the American Pie thread, but I'll say it here, too. I will never again buy a Topps redemption card and if I have the misfortune to pull one, I'll try to immediately sell it.

I can understand that, occasionally, a manufacturer might have a problem with a redemption. Topps has redemption problems with just about every set. They shouldn't be advertising special cards to sell a set and then not come through over and over again (for instance, the Jimi Hendrix relic for American Pie). To me, it borders on fraud and bait-and-switch.
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