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New X-Files set
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Since we got another season of X-Files, with an older version of Scully and Mulder, would you like to see another card set of the show? I think Scully is way much hotter than she was in the original series, don't you think?
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I would love to see a card series featuring the new event series.

I really like the designs Inkworks used for their X-Files autograph cards (except I Want To Believe), but a new, thorough, full-bleed auto series with on-card signatures would be cool.

I would worry how much demand there would be for the new X-Files cards all these years later though. Even the high quality IDW sketch card series didn't seem to gather much steam.
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I read someplace last week that the revival from 2016 had good rating for FOX, but not great, that it was not the blockbuster they expected.

Still, there will be more in 2018. Not sure if that factors into things.

So maybe the demand is NOT that big
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I would like to see the last season and the upcoming season combined into one base set. However, it would be nice if autographs (on-card & full-bleed like X suggests) could cover the entire series and movies.
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