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E Bay Shipping
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Dose E Bay control all shipping prices and costs on articles purchased through their auctions.
I purchased a lot off a seller and due to the Covid 19 lockdown the parcel has been delayed , upon searching the tracking # to see were it was i saw the words ( E Bay International standard delivery shipping service ) below the information .
To me this indicated that E Bay have a finger in this pie too.
I was under the impression that the seller posted the item themselves and charged shipping appropriately through USPS.
Mabey this is why there is so much variation in shipping prices if E Bay have anything to do with it they will be sucking everything they can out of it.
Anyone have anything on this .
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It sounds like the seller is using the ebay shipping service. The seller will post to the ebay service centre and then ebay send it the rest of the way. The prices can very a lot even on the same item from different sellers using the program. Sometime it can make items cheep on international postage and sometimes very expensive.
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I'm not sure about the current wording, but eBay virtually guarantees satisfaction with the shipping if you use their service. Some sellers, particularly international, choose to live more dangerously and offer cheaper rates. They figure they gain enough more sales to make up for occasional misdirected packages, since the vast majority of buyers are honest about it.

A few buyers offer the option: higher rates with satisfaction guaranteed by eBay or lower rates where the buyer accepts some of the risk. Most of those sellers will "make good" on a very rare lost or damaged shipment as a cost of doing business, but they put in disclaimers in case they run into a string of false claims or disasters like the one in 2001 when anthrax caused the quarantine of entire postal hubs. (I have some stories about that one.)
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well it seems that tracked items are mooving through the USA according to some of the posts that have been put up
Mine has been stuck in transit since March 24.
As it seems that E Bay are organising this shipping , I think I will get a sharp stick out and start prodding them And see what comes out of it.
After all i paid good money and got no results .
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