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The end of Redemption cards..

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March 27, 2014, 07:34 PM
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The end of Redemption cards..
Hi Everyone. I'm just back from the Industry Summit Sports Card show in Las Vegas (a retailer show) and was really impressed with Panini's new approach to redemption cards. The sports card market seems plagued with not receiving key auto's in time for the product release, or some stars not signing at all even though they were under contract, so Panini are inserting points cards into the packs instead of redemption cards. Then when cards are received they will be put on the companies' website and be available in a similar way to Rittenhouse Rewards. The dealers were all pushing for clearer information about what was actually in the product as it went to press, which all the companies (Topps, Panini, Upper Deck) seemed in broad agreement with. What do you think? would you prefer initiatives like this?

What do you call a set missing more than 10 cards?
March 27, 2014, 09:00 PM
Not really. Picture this . . .

Company A says they will release Product B on April 1st, but major portions of Product B are still being put together on March 15th. Not to worry! Company A inserts a bunch of these 1, 2, 3 points cards in the packs instead of the missing autographs, sketches or whatever and releases as scheduled.

So what is actually in this Product B that you just bought a box of and now have a 5 point card? You don't know until stuff starts showing up on the website accompanied by point values selected by Company A. It's catalog buying, just collect the points and see what you can redeem them for, like green stamps.

OK I'm exaggerating to an extreme, but if they don't know that a star will send back the autograph that they are contracted to sign, by giving a specific redemption at least acknowledges that the card is supposed to exist at some point in time, even if that point never comes. By giving you a generic point card there is no such promise for anything specific, just that it can be redeemed for something.

Redemptions stink, but at least you know what your supposed to get.
March 28, 2014, 01:08 AM
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I'm still waiting to hear more details, but basically points become currency. The better the card the more the points.

So if they are missing a A-List athlete's auto card, do they insert enough points to get that card?

The problem is going to be that without some controls, dealers will have a huge pool of points and wait for the best cards to become available. Potentially, the cards will be all gone while there are still boxes to open.

Not sure it's a perfect solution, but they promise they've been working 2 years in house on the details. So we shall see.


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March 28, 2014, 02:06 AM
Exactly, all the good relic/autographs will be gone in a day. All the lowly casual buyers will be stuck with choosing over junk. This isn't a solution at all.
April 03, 2014, 03:31 PM
I think this is a real shame.

Honestly dont think it will go down well with collectors at all.

Besides how will they determine how many points each card is worth?

They'd have to have a Rare/Limited Edition ratings style list.

For example: [Random rating names/numbers]

Extremely Rare - 1000 points

Rare - 800 points

Very Limited Edition - 600 points

Limited Edition - 400 points

Uncommon - 200 points

Plus there's questions to consider such as can points only be used for redeemeing cards associated THAT product? Or can they be rolled over/stored up for rare cards in other sets?

Will there be a time limit for when points can be used? So the average collector might spend a small fortune buying boxes and cards only to find that they only have a set time to get anything - and their points probably will only get them the cheapest of 'rewards'.

Say the points can be stored up for used against any product what would prevent some rogue dealers from saving up points from cards found in cases and snapping up the rarest card and selling it on at an inflated price?

Seems a quick fix solution.

Wish they'd think of something better.
May 25, 2014, 07:45 AM
If cards points can add up to each other, dealers will use them and clear the manufacturer of all the high end cards. Doesn't seem good.

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May 25, 2014, 02:38 PM
Never liked redemptions or points based systems. I like my cards pack inserted. If a manufacturer cannot get certain cards in time then they should start putting the cards out for signing earlier or delay the set or reduce the box price.

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