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unknow marvel card
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not sure if this is the right forum for this, my apologies

hoping someone can help me identify what set this Wolverine card comes from

card is @ 2" x 4" in diameter
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Looks like it might be a Top Trumps card, but I'm not sure. . .
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Can't be Top Trumps. One of them would have character statistics to allow the game to be played.
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It's an action figure insert Smile These came with most figures in Toybiz' 1992 line 'The Uncanny X-Men'. Take a look on google images or the like, should be plenty of images of MOC figures on there that you can see the cards behind Wink

EDIT: Actually, don't quote me on that one, I can't find a decent image and don't own any myself to check, but i'm fairly sure the above is about right.
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it looks like its a card from a board game
some of the older marvel board games had cards


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The card pictures Wolverine wearing his costume from the early 80's whICH he WORE in Secret Wars in 1984 but the card has the year 1992 printed on it. In Uncanny X-Men in 1992 Wolverine's costume was yellow and blue and the Toy Biz cards that came with the action figures in the early 90's where more detailed than the card pictured. This information confuses me regarding where this card actually fits in.


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