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USA agent wanted
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I am finding the Ebay postage method (Global Shipping) to have become more and more onerous to the point of being impossible to sustain any further.

A recent example was an old Marvel card that I wanted to complete a set was listed at a BIN or just 99c. Then I noted that the Global Shipping rate to New Zealand was listed at $US22.70 which equates to just about $NZ30.00!!

What I need is a US agent who will buy on my behalf and send individual cards in a stiff plastic sleeve and then put into a simple bubble lined envelope. This can then go letter rate which is approx. $3-4.

If someone in America is willing to do this I will in the first instance indemnify the sender against the loss or damage to any card, also I will PayPal in advance all costs and secondly will happily pay a premium of 33% on the cards costs as a thank you for doing this for me.

Any takers? Please email me ASAP

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Try the N Z Post You Shop
You have to go through a sign up and registration process but you save on shipping it is $12 N Z plus you have to pay U S shipping if applicable. I have used it fir the last year and saved money plus you are notified of the parcels progress all the way They also have Europe snd China Offices I think that is the best deal you will ever get on international shipping. You only have to make sure that you change your primary address wich are kept in your A/C details to were you want it sent too it takes a bit longer to get your parcel but I think it is worth it
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