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Shipping Question
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I won an item on ebay last week which is being shipped from the mid-West, USA. 1 card, worth maybe $ 10 or so.

Usually when sent by USPS tracking the number is just digits.

I noticed the tracking on this one starts with ES and there are numbers afterwards. Says the card should be delivered "in 2 weeks"--seems like a long time to me.

I have never seen "ES" tracking before. Is this something new ? What does ES mean ?
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My understanding is that the ES is short for Economy Shipping - which is trackable, but with a lot less detail/available functionality than you would normally get with more expedited shipping methods. I’ve not personally used it, so that’s the extent of what I (think) I know about it.
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I came across this a couple of months ago on two different sellers from the US shipping to me in the UK. I noticed the tracking number was unusual. However, both were using eBay economy/standard shipping. I don't think it's the same as the eBay Shipping Program, because I didn't pay any rip off upfront customs just a standard shipping charge, but it went through their shipping depot, before then coming to me via Germany. Kind of odd, and the tracking was poor for about a week and it didn't seem to move, but it got to me fine in the end, considering the world issues with mail. So it seems it is an economy shipping thing.
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