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Ultra Pro 10-page 9-pocket binders
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Anyone know if these are still available? I've checked Ultra Pro and they don't seem to be listed.

I know a local shop that has some (I need to grab them before they are gone).

Anyone know of a similar product? I am so torn on how to store my collection. Originally I invested in huge 3 D-ring binders thinking that was the best way ... now that I don't look thru the sets I was thinking these smaller type binders would be better to grab and look over sets occasionally.

Of course, with a 90-card limit (unless you do the dreaded double sided thing), it's hard to fit modern sets into these binders nicely - either too few cards to fill one or too many cards that don't quite fill 2...UGH!

Thoughts on procuring these binders would be helpful though (by other mfrs too).

Thanks. Smile
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I never used these so I can't speak to their availability, but I can see where they might not be very popular anymore. Collectors who like to keep one binder per set are probably buying official binders from the product. Otherwise its just large binders or maybe the 100 or 150 count plastic cases.

I keep the premium cards in Ultra Pro pages in big binders and the base sets with non-premium insert or parallel cards in plastic cases.
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I keep all my cards in 9 pocket pages and buy inch and a half plain 3 ring binders from walmart (97 cents each)
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I can't think of the "official" name, but I've considered using the "report folders" that have color cardboard with an expandable midsection with tabs or prongs that can secure three-hole pages or the outer two. In school supply sales you can sometimes find them sold at a half dozen for a dollar. They're made for 8-1/2" x 11" typical paper, though, and I haven't checked office/school supply outlets for a bigger size that will handle pocket-pages better.

There are a lot of sizes with two paperboard covers, and these might be kind of nice (if a bit more expensive) because you can make them as thick as you want for a small set, a big set, or several sets.

Ring binders just seem too uniform and boring, but I don't mind the type with a clear front pocket that's ideal for a poster or sell sheet that I'd put in a 1-pocket page anyway. (Yeah, as if I don't have a couple hundred of those "huge 3 D-ring binders".) And binders got a bad name during the U.S. Presidential Debates.
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The item is listed as portfolios. there are 9-pocket and 4-pocket versions, in blue and black.
You can usually source them from gaming card sellers. Hope that's some help.

What do you call a set missing more than 10 cards?
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