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Sundance Film Festival Cards
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I'm hoping to pick a few brains on this one. The set has been said to be 29 cards plus some promos. You could get an uncut sheet of them but I never saw that. I have 31 cards which I received as loose cards together in one lot and believe the breakdown goes like this:

One card appears to be a header card. It says "1999 Sundance Film Festival" at the top on the front and shows a woman moving away from a man/monster but we only see his large, menacing shadow on the wall behind her. The back text welcomes attendees to the festival. This card might be separate promo

Fourteen other cards show promotional posters from the event back to its beginning in 1985 when it was called the "1985 U.S. Film Festival" and had just moved to the Sundance Institute. There is a card for each year to 1998.

Fourteen other cards celebrate the films that won the festival from 1985 to 1998. I think these 14 cards plus the 15 described above make up the set of 29.

Two cards appear to be separate promos. Both promote the Sundance Channel and are dated 1999. The front of one shows an image of someone holding what appears to be a greatly-oversized film reel; the other is of a woman holding a movie camera like a gun.

I have seen a listing for two other promo cards from 1998 but don't recall seeing the actual cards.

My knowledge of 29 cards being a set comes from a Roxanne Toser auction from around 2000. She offered a "29 card set plus five promos" and an uncut sheet that had seven promos. I believe there were duplicates of promos in both cases. I still have the NSU issue somewhere and will have to dig that up to get what she listed exactly.

Does anyone know how these were distributed or anything else about them? I assume the 29 could have been given out separately so they might be promos as well but have a vague memory of the set being for sale. They might have been simply wrapped together in plastic or a large cello-pack but I've never seen one. It appears they were all available in some way at the festival.
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many Sundance sets have been made? I have the 2014 and 2015 in the Beckett database so far but it has been difficult to find others. Any leads to more sets would be welcome. I'd love to get them all in the database and eventually priced. Thanks!
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